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  • Best microphone for streaming and podcasting 2022

    best microphone for streaming podcasting

    If you're looking to get into the world of streaming or podcasting, a good quality microphone can make all the difference

    24 Jan 2022

  • Best HDMI cables for 2022

    best hdmi cables

    Here's all you need to know to about choosing and buying HDMI cables

    20 Jan 2022

  • The best headphones 2022

    best headphones 2018

    Find the right pair of headphones to suit your lifestyle and budget

    19 Jan 2022

  • Best gaming monitor 2022

    best gaming monitors

    The perfect way for gamers to take it to the next level

    18 Jan 2022

  • The Best USB-C & Thunderbolt Cables For 2022

    best usc c cables

    USB-C cables are not all the same. Here's what to look for

    12 Jan 2022

  • Best NAS drives 2022

    best nas drives

    These are the best network storage devices and backing up your videos, photos, music and files

    12 Jan 2022

  • Best Monitors 2022: Cheap, 4K, Full HD & More

    best monitor

    The very best displays for your computer, console or employment as a second screen

    12 Jan 2022

  • Best budget gaming headsets in 2022

    razer headphones 02

    You don't need to break the bank when buying a gaming headset - here are 10 amazing headsets for under £100/$100

    11 Jan 2022

  • The best gaming headsets available in 2022

    best gaming headsets 2022

    There are many gaming headsets on the market, but which one should you choose? We round up some our favourites

    11 Jan 2022

  • Best budget gaming keyboards in 2022

    best budget gaming keyboards

    Upgrade your gaming keyboard for less than £50/$50

    10 Jan 2022

  • The best gaming mouse 2022

    best gaming mouse

    Get the edge over your competition with the right mouse. Here are the best gaming mice you can buy right now

    10 Jan 2022

  • Best USB-C docks for laptops and tablets 2022

    usb c docks

    Connect your laptop or tablet to multiple ports and displays

    05 Jan 2022

  • Best Mouse 2021

    gaming mouse gt

    A great mouse can drastically change your experience, from simple ergonomics to the precision of the sensor

    19 Nov 2021

  • Best short cables: USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet, Power

    short cables

    Sometimes less is more for cable length

    19 Nov 2021

  • Best USB-C adapters and hubs 2021: Add ports to your laptop

    best usb c hub

    Connect monitors, hard drives and other devices to your USB-C laptop with these adapters

    02 Nov 2021

  • Best Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 cables

    thunderbolt 4 usb4 cable

    Intel-certified Thunderbolt 4 / USB4 cables reviewed

    20 Oct 2021

  • The best game capture cards 2021

    best capture cards 2021

    Capture cards make it easier to stream and record gameplay from any console or PC - here are the best

    06 Oct 2021

  • Best USB drive 2021

    best usb flash drives

    We've tested a range of portable USB drives and here are the best of the bunch

    27 Jul 2021

  • Best Wi-Fi routers 2021

    best wifi routers 2021

    Boost your Wi-Fi speed and range with a new router

    24 Jun 2021

  • Best racing wheels for PC and console 2021

    best steering wheels for ps4 xbox one and pc

    With so many racing wheels on the market, which should you buy? Here's what to look out for, and our selection of the best.

    22 Jan 2021

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