Netflix has lots of binge-worthy original content, plus many more TV shows and movies besides. If you find that a show you really want to watch is only available if you subscribe in a different region (say the US, Japan or Brazil), then a VPN service will enable you to watch it.

The bad news: it’s against Netflix’s terms and conditions to do so. Netflix does not want you to use a VPN to access region-blocked content, and because of that it actively blocks VPN servers. It has become a cat-and-mouse game that even the best of VPNs can have trouble keeping up with.

If you try accessing Netflix with a VPN server that has previously been banned, you may see a message that reads: "You seem to be using an unblocker/proxy" and access will be denied. Most of the best VPN services are working tirelessly to combat this, but creating new IP addresses and servers at a speedy rate.

So, while we’re about to share the best Netflix VPN services you can use, we would like to remind you that you should do so at your own risk, and that there will be times when some of the VPNs we recommend have trouble connecting due to a new wave of Netflix bans.

But such issues are usually temporary, and a good VPN service's tech support team should be able to help you get streaming quickly.

VPNs that work with Netflix



One of the best VPNs for Netflix is NordVPN. It’s simple and easy to use, and in our experience it always works with Netflix. That’s because it has more than 5,300 servers across 59 countries. If a server you’ve been using does get blocked by Netflix, there’ll be others to try, and Nord's support team is on hand to help via live chat if you're really stuck.

If you’re not too worried about protecting your entire internet usage via a VPN, or like to switch server locations depending on what you’re up to, you can take advantage of NordVPN’s browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available as part of the package too.

There are one month, one year and two year subscroption options available.

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Surfshark is one of the newer entries into the VPN market but has rapidly made its mark and became one of our favourites in no time.

There are apps for many different devices, including Amazon Fire TV, so it should work on whichever device you normally watch Netflix.

It has more than 3,200 servers across 63 countries, and is one of the cheapest options you'll find. You can sign up here.

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Great for those new to the idea of a VPN, CyberGhost is cheap and cheerful, with a range of pre-configured modes that’ll help you connect to Netflix in no time.

With more than 6,500 servers across 90 countries, you can choose the Unblock Streaming mode to find a server that works with Netflix. The company claims that it can unblock more than 35 streaming services in addition to Netflix, too, but we've yet to test them all.

A kill switch adds extra privacy protection, and there are mobile apps available for all of your devices.

Sign up to CyberGhost here.

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Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access has the most servers of all the VPN services we've tested, at a whopping 25,000 across 77 countries.

It can unblock Netflix among other streaming services, and is another very affordable option thanks to its deals on longer subcriptions, the most popular being two years. You can sign up here.

It has many advanced features, and we've labelled this best for power users in our overall best VPN chart, so it's ideal if you want to use it for additional features including P2P downloads, ad blocking or malware blocking.

The downside is that there is no app for Amazon Fire TV yet, so if that's where you watch Netflix most you will want to look elsewhere.

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Also a great choice albiet more expensive is ExpressVPN. It’s simple but speedy, and offers a wide range of features, more than 3,000 servers across 94 countries, and apps for mobile, Amazon Fire TV and browsers.

We’ve found ExpressVPN to be reliable, with quick and efficient customer support should you ever get stuck. That includes a speedy resolution any time you have trouble connecting to Netflix.

Sign up for ExpressVPN here.

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