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  • Best microphone for streaming and podcasting 2021

    best microphone for streaming podcasting

    If you're looking to get into the world of streaming or podcasting, a good quality microphone can make all the difference

    19 Nov 2021

  • Best budget gaming headsets in 2021

    razer headphones 02

    You don't need to break the bank when buying a gaming headset - here are 10 amazing headsets for under £100/$100

    18 Nov 2021

  • The best Oculus Quest 2 accessories

    best oculus quest accessories

    Take your Quest 2 experience to the next level with these great accessories, tried and tested by the Tech Advisor team

    17 Nov 2021

  • The best PlayStation 5 games to play in 2021

    best ps5 games

    We round up the best games that showcase the true power of the PlayStation 5

    17 Nov 2021

  • The best Nintendo Switch accessories in 2021

    nintendo switch review11

    Upgrade your Switch with our pick of the best controllers, cases, battery packs and more

    15 Nov 2021

  • The best gaming headsets available in 2021

    best gaming headsets 2021

    There are many gaming headsets on the market, but which one should you choose? We round up some our favourites

    15 Oct 2021

  • Best Game Console 2021: Should you Buy PlayStation, Xbox or Switch?

    best console 2021

    So many consoles and so little time for playing games. We help you find the best game console

    12 Oct 2021

  • The best game capture cards 2021

    best capture cards 2021

    Capture cards make it easier to stream and record gameplay from any console or PC - here are the best

    06 Oct 2021

  • The best Switch games 2021

    nintendo switch review03

    The best games to keep you busy on the go or at home

    06 Oct 2021

  • Best gaming chairs 2021

    best gaming chairs 2021

    We test, rate and rank the best chairs for gamers

    05 Oct 2021

  • Best controller for iPhone and Android

    best mobile controller iphone android

    Up your game with one of these excellent game controllers for your smartphone

    24 Sep 2021

  • Best budget gaming keyboards in 2021

    best budget gaming keyboards

    Upgrade your gaming keyboard for less than £50/$50

    23 Sep 2021

  • The best Xbox controllers 2021

    xbox one elite controller

    These are the best controllers available for both Xbox One and newer Xbox Series X|S

    17 Sep 2021

  • Best gaming laptops 2021

    best gaming laptop

    We review the best gaming laptops you can buy

    16 Sep 2021

  • The best PS4 controllers 2021

    best ps4 controllers

    The DualShock 4 is great, but PS4 controllers can get a whole lot better - here are the best PS4 pads available right now

    17 Aug 2021

  • The best gaming keyboards 2021

    best gaming keyboard

    How to choose the best gaming keyboard to up your game

    19 Jul 2021

  • The best game streaming services 2021

    xbox one x review09

    Here are the best game streaming services, from Xbox Game Pass to Nvidia GeForce Now

    22 Mar 2021

  • The best tech gifts for Mother's Day UK

    best tech gift for women

    Looking for a Mother's Day gift? Here are some techy gifts she's sure to love

    05 Mar 2021

  • Best racing wheels for PC and console 2021

    best steering wheels for ps4 xbox one and pc

    With so many racing wheels on the market, which should you buy? Here's what to look out for, and our selection of the best.

    22 Jan 2021

  • The best PS4 games of 2020

    ps4 pro and vr review04

    From exclusives like God of War to epic shooters like CoD: Modern Warfare

    05 Oct 2020

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