Like smart speakers, smart displays run either the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. That means most of the best displays are those made by either Google or Amazon under their Nest (formerly Home) and Echo brands, but other companies have manufactured competing products that still run either Google or Amazon's voice assistants.

Smart displays look a bit like tablets, but it's worth noting that they're fixed into their stands and run off mains power - these aren't portable devices with their own batteries. The notable exception is the Lenovo Smart Tab P10, a tablet that ships with a dock that turns it into an Alexa smart display.

Having a screen unlocks the potential to use a smart display not only for finding out the weather or checking your calendar, but also using the screen as a digital photo frame

You can also often use them for video calls, but take care: not every smart display includes a camera, so check that video calls are supported before you put your money down. You might also want to use them to watch videos, but remember that Amazon's devices don't support the YouTube app, so it's much easier to watch video on one of the Google smart displays.

This is why apart from the individual specs of each display, you really need to choose between Alexa and Google Assistant. We can't outright tell you which to go for as it will come down to things like whether you have other devices in that ecosystem and if the other smart home devices you have, or are planning to buy, are compatible with that system.

Best Smart Displays 2021

1. Google Nest Hub Max - Best Smart Display

Google Nest Hub Max
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The Google Nest Hub Max is the best smart display we've tested to date. 

It brings along a larger, more useful display as well as a camera which is far more useful than simply making video calls. It can recognise different users, be used as a security camera and supports gestures for playback.

Futhermore, the audio performance is excellent so well worth the upgrade if you want to listen to music. The JBL Link View has better audio but we prefer the Max as an all-round device.

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2. Amazon Echo Show 10 - Best for Alexa

Amazon Echo Show 10
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It’s a lot more expensive than the 5- and 8-inch Echo Show smart displays, but the Echo Show 10 largely justifies its cost with good quality sound and the ability to follow you around the room.

The motorised display may sound a bit gimmicky but it should be useful in larger rooms or kitchens where you’d otherwise have to turn the screen manually to see it.

You can also use its ability to rotate to keep an eye on your room when you’re away, swiping the screen of your phone to turn the camera remotely.

Other than that, the experience is much like its predecessors and the smaller-screened versions. We’d be open to an even larger screen, but as long as you’re not trying to replace a TV with the Echo Show, it’s big enough.

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3. Amazon Echo Show 8 - Alexa for Less

Amazon Echo Show 8
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It may not have the Zigbee hub or rotating display that's built into the more expensive - and larger - Echo Show 10, but this model offers a great compromise of features, screen size and audio quality.

And at this price, those aren't compromises you'll ever regret making. Alexa is just as capable here as she is on the most expensive Echo Show 10, able to show the video feed from compatible cameras, show you lyrics for many songs from Amazon Music and more.

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4. Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) - Best for the Bedroom

Google Nest Hub 2
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The second-generation version of the Google Nest Hub is a solid step forward from the original model - which you'll still find further down in this chart - which adds one major new feature: Sleep Sensing.

Using Google's Soli radar (so don't worry, there's no camera watching you sleep) the Nest Hub 2 can monitor your movement and breathing in bed and give you a sleep quality report. The only downside? It's a free trial until 2022, but Google says it may start charging a subscription free for sleep tracking from then.

Otherwise you're getting a familiar 7in smart display, with the usual Google Assistant support, bolstered by an extra mic and improved audio. There's also Thread support which should help it connect to more devices as a smart home hub.

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5. Echo Show 5 - Best Mini Model

Amazon Echo Show 5
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This smaller Echo Show is a little small for watching video, but it's a great size for a bedside table.

It includes a couple of key features you might want that the Lenovo Smart Clock (below) lacks, such as Bluetooth and a camera - with a privacy cover.

There's no Zigbee but otherwise there's full support for Amazon's Alexa voice assistant.

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6. Lenovo Smart Clock - Best from Lenovo

Lenovo Smart Clock
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The Lenovo Smart Clock is a fairly simple concept - a Nest Mini with a screen - but slick design, a simple interface, and clever features that manipulate screen brightness to keep it dim during the night and slowly brighten it as a light alarm make the device a surprisingly compelling offering.

The only real downside is the lack of Bluetooth speaker support - the main Nest Mini feature missing here - but everything else about this does exactly what you want it to.

Most importantly, at £80/$80 it’s not all that much more than the regular Nest Mini, making it all too easy to justify the jump from smart speaker to smart clock.

Note that there's also the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, a cheaper follow-up that has a much more limited display with a stronger focus on being a clock.

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7. Google Nest Hub - Best for the Basics

Google Nest Hub
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It might have been replaced by a newer model, but we feel Google's original Nest Hub (formerly Home Hub) with Google Assistant inside is still an excellent option for a smart display. It's affordable and the compact, stylish design will ensure it fits almost anywhere in your home. 

There's no camera and audio quality isn't the best but this is reflected in the price. What Nest Hub does have is an excellent screen on which Google Assistant can show as well as tell.

You might find it a little too small for some rooms, but it generally works very well for all manner of tasks including streaming music, watching video and simply providing useful information. 

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8. Lenovo Smart Tab P10 - Tablet/Smart Display Hybrid

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 with Alexa
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The Smart Tab P10 is ultimately a fairly budget tablet, with lightweight specs, old software, and a simple feature set, masked in part by slick-but-simple design that leaves it looking and feeling more premium than it really is.

The included speaker dock automatically activates a dedicated mode for Amazon Alexa, turning the tablet into a makeshift Echo Show while it's docked.

Without the dock the P10 would be fairly unremarkable, so it's really only worth buying if the idea of a tablet that doubles as an Echo Show really speaks to you, or if you know you'll make use of the dock's built-in speaker, rather than simply connecting it up to another sound system anyway.

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