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  • The best OnePlus phone 2021

    best oneplus phone 2021

    OnePlus is a fierce competitor with some killer phones, here's our pick

    10 Aug 2021

  • Best laptop 2021: What laptop should I buy?

    best laptops

    These are the best Windows and Apple laptops we've tested and reviewed

    10 Aug 2021

  • Best cheap gaming laptop 2021

    best cheap gaming laptop

    You don't have to break the bank to get a good gaming laptop

    09 Aug 2021

  • Best Antivirus 2021

    best antivirus 2021

    These apps keep your devices safe from internet nasties as well as protecting your identity - and your money.

    06 Aug 2021

  • The best VPN services of 2021

    best vpn services for 2021

    Unblock streaming services and get better online security with a VPN

    05 Aug 2021

  • Best Budget Laptop 2021

    best budget laptops

    We round up some of the best Windows laptops for getting stuff done that don't cost the earth

    04 Aug 2021

  • Best budget TV 2021

    best budget tvs

    Get a new TV without breaking the bank

    03 Aug 2021

  • The best VPN for BBC iPlayer in 2021

    best vpn for iplayer 2020

    These are the VPN services you should use to watch BBC iPlayer from outside of the UK

    02 Aug 2021

  • Best Wi-Fi Extenders

    best wifi extenders 2021

    Cheaply and easily extend your home Wi-Fi coverage

    30 Jul 2021

  • Best GoPro 2021 & Alternatives

    best gopro and alternatives

    Which is the best GoPro? We've reviewed them all

    30 Jul 2021

  • Best true wireless earbuds 2021

    best wireless earbuds

    We review and rank the top wireless earbuds you can buy

    29 Jul 2021

  • Best Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 cables

    thunderbolt 4 usb4 cable

    Intel-certified Thunderbolt 4 / USB4 cables reviewed

    29 Jul 2021

  • Best electric bikes 2021

    best electric bikes for 2021

    The best electric bikes for all budgets

    28 Jul 2021

  • The best Realme phone 2021

    best realme phone 2020 hero

    Our pick of the best from Realme's ever-growing portfolio

    27 Jul 2021

  • Best USB drive 2021

    best usb flash drives

    We've tested a range of portable USB drives and here are the best of the bunch

    27 Jul 2021

  • Six of the best free VPN services to try right now

    best free vpn services to use in 2021

    Half a dozen usable VPN services that won't cost you a penny

    27 Jul 2021

  • The best VPN for streaming in 2021

    best streaming vpn

    Watch any content from anywhere by using a VPN service to stream videos

    27 Jul 2021

  • Best smartphone 2021

    best smartphone jan 2021 hero

    There are a wealth of great phones to choose from this spring

    23 Jul 2021

  • Best USB-C adapters and hubs 2021: Add ports to your laptop

    best usb c hub

    Connect monitors, hard drives and other devices to your USB-C laptop with these adapters

    20 Jul 2021

  • The best gaming keyboards 2021

    best gaming keyboard

    How to choose the best gaming keyboard to up your game

    19 Jul 2021

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