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Based on one of AMD’s latest Ryzen 7 1700X processors, the Pyro Ryzen DG delivers eight cores and a total of sixteen threads - double what you’ll get from a comparable Intel Core-i7 PC.

Based on one of AMD’s latest Ryzen 7 1700X processors, the Pyro Ryzen DG delivers eight cores and a total of sixteen threads - double what you’ll get from a comparable Intel Core-i7 PC.It also comes with a powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card,


You can buy the Wired2Fire Pyro Ryzen DG for £1675, plus a £24 delivery charge. You can also make several adjustments to the review specs by hitting the ‘customise’ button before purchase.

Do check out our full list of the best gaming PCs before making your final choice, though.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Wired2Fire Pyro Ryzen DG is its eye-catching black and orange NZXT H440 mid tower system case. If you can’t get past the orange, there’s a variety of other equally eye-catching options available, included a sober all-black version for the less flamboyant gamer.

Key features of the NZXT H440 include a total absence of support for optical drives (remember those?), excellent cable management and a separate lower compartment for the power supply and hard drives, which keeps the main compartment extremely neat and tidy - perfect for viewing through the transparent side panel.


Filling the case is an Asus ROG CrossHair VI Hero motherboard. There’s no cut-price B350 chipset to be seen here. Instead we get one of Asus’s premium models with all the bells and whistles of AMD’s advanced X370 chipset.

These include extra USB 3.1 ports, improved overclocking headroom and, in this case, Aura Sync RGB LED lighting control.

Perhaps more importantly, it includes multi-GPU support for both AMD CrossFireX and Nvidia SLI technologies, providing an easy upgrade path by adding a second graphics card at a later date.

But for now you’ll be getting get a single Nvidia GTX 1080 which offers plenty of performance for high quality gaming at high resolutions and immersive VR experiences.


Wired2Fire has selected AMD’s Ryzen 7 1700X 8-core processor for this PC, which is found here running at up to 3.7GHz. A Cooler Master Liquid 240 cooler is fitted with it’s huge 240mm radiator fixed to the top of the system case.

Three 120mm fans are concealed behind the blank front panel of the case, protected by a removable dust filter, as is the power supply fan below. A 140mm exhaust fan is installed at the rear keeping the PC cool without excessive noise.

The Pyro Ryzen DG combines super-fast solid state storage with the capacity of a 2TB traditional hard drive. A 250GB Samsung 960 Evo NVMe drive holds the operating system and as many games as you can fit on it, to deliver extremely fast loading times and generally snappier performance on the desktop.


While the 1700X may turn in some impressive results in synthetic benchmarks, the problem for Ryzen-based systems such as this one is that, at the moment, most games can’t take full advantage of those eight processor cores, favouring faster individual core speeds instead.

If you’re into processing 3D graphics or bulk editing photos, then you will love the speed of the Wired2Fire Pyro Ryzen, which can wipe the smile off the face of any Intel Core i7-7700K user when it comes to multi-core tests like Cinebench R15 where the Ryzen chip is more than 50 prercent faster.

However, this doesn’t translate into similar improvements in those all important gaming frame rates. Of course, gaming performance at decent resolutions is dominated by the graphics card, but the Wired2Fire Pyro Ryzen comes in a hair behind a similarly specced Intel-based PC in most of our benchmark tests.

Thankfully, the GeForce GTX 1080 delivers excellent frame rates for your money, with 4K gaming possible at around 60fps in High and even Ultra quality settings in some cases, although tough modern games like Deus Ex Mankind Divided are still going to knock you back to 30fps for UltraHD play. If you’re gaming on a single PC monitor though, this is likely to be all the performance you’ll need up to 2560x1440 pixels.

That’s not to say the Pyro Ryzen DG is slow, far from it, but don’t expect Ryzen to give you a better gaming experience than a high end quad-core Intel setup for now.

The Pyro Ryzen DG also delivers extremely fast storage, in the form of a 250GB Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD. These Samsung drives are dominating PC storage performance right now with speeds far in excess of SATA drives.


Wired2Fire’s 3 year warranty looks good at first glance, but note that any faulty PCs must be returned at the customer’s expense and parts are only covered for the first two years.


Wired2Fire Pyro Ryzen DG review: Specs

  • Ryzen 7 Eight Core 1700X 3.4GHz @ 3.7GHz
  • Cooler Master – Master Liquid 240
  • 16GB DDR4 memory 2400MHz
  • 250GB Samsung 960 Evo SSD and 2TB Barracuda
  • FSP 750W PSU (Silver 80 PLUS Certified)
  • Asus ROG CrossHair VI Hero Motherboard
  • Windows 10 Home (64 bit)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
  • Onboard audio
  • Intel I211-AT, 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s)
  • REAR – 1 x 3.1 type A, 1 x type C, 8 x USB 3 + 4 x USB2
  • FRONT- 2 x USB 3 + 2 x USB2
  • Optical audio output
  • NZXT H440 case
  • 3 year warranty, return to base. (3 years labour + 2 years parts)

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