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Wi-Fi and Networking Reviews

  • Rock Space AC1200 WiFi Range Extender review

    rock space ac1200 wi fi extender review unplugged

    Boost your Wi-Fi for £30

    26 Jul 2021     ***

  • BrosTrend AC1200 WiFi Booster review

    brostrend ac1200 wi fi extender review set up

    Able to plug Wi-Fi gaps in small rooms, BrosTrend's AC1200 packs power, but lacks reach

    26 Jul 2021     ***

  • TP-Link RE305 Wi-Fi Range Extender review

    tp link re305 wi fi extender review unplugged

    A user freindly Wi-Fi Extender without breaking the bank

    26 Jul 2021     ****

  • Devolo WiFi AC Repeater Plus review

    devolo wifi ac repeater plus review ethernet ports

    Outclassed by Devolo's own Mesh WiFi 2 and undercut by cheaper rivals

    26 Jul 2021     ***

  • TP-Link RE505X Wi-Fi Range Extender review

    tp link re505x wifi extender set up

    This Wi-Fi 6 signal booster promises to blast away your home's Wi-Fi cobwebs

    26 Jul 2021     ****

  • Tenda A18 AC1200 Wi-Fi Repeater review

    tenda a18 wi fi extender review unplugged

    Can a £25 Wi-Fi extender reach every corner?

    23 Jul 2021     ****/2

  • TP-Link Deco X60 review

    tp link deco x60 review

    Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 provides great coverage and decent speeds

    20 Jul 2021     ****

  • Netgear WAX214 review

    netgear wax214 review top cover

    Cheap Wi-Fi 6 access point packs in a lot of power

    10 Jun 2021     *****/2

  • D-Link DIR-X1560 review

    d link dir x1560 review front view

    Budget Wi-Fi 6 router offers fast speeds, but lacks reach

    09 Jun 2021     ****/2

  • Amazon Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi review

    eero 6 review 3 pack top down view

    The addition of Wi-Fi 6 makes Eero one of the fastest and most cost-effective mesh systems going

    10 May 2021     *****/2

  • Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi review

    eero mesh wifi review

    Solid coverage, good speeds, and an attractive price makes Eero a Wi-Fi hero

    22 Apr 2021     *****/2

  • Devolo Mesh WiFi 2 review

    devolo mesh wifi 2 review

    Get great Wi-Fi in every room with Mesh WiFi 2

    06 Apr 2021     ****

  • Asus RT-AX55 review

    asus rt ax55 router review

    Fast speeds, big reach and a great app

    25 Feb 2021     *****/2

  • TP-Link Archer AX50 review

    tp link archer ax50 review front view

    Wi-Fi 6 bargain buy router is great for flats, less so for houses

    15 Feb 2021     ****

  • Linksys MR7350 review

    linksys mr7350 review top side

    There's lots to like, especially when you add Velop satellites

    12 Feb 2021     ****

  • Tenda Nova MW3 review

    tenda nova mw3 review main

    The cheapest Wi-Fi mesh system yet: Tenda's Nova MW3 is a bargain.

    24 Nov 2020     *****/2

  • Trendnet WiFi Everywhere Powerline 1200 AV2 Wireless Kit review

    trendnet powerline tpl 430apk wifi

    Multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports and a Wi-Fi hotspot

    22 Nov 2020     ****

  • StreamLocator Hub review

    streamlocator review

    Finally, VPNs have some competition for unblocking streaming services

    19 Nov 2020     ****/2

  • Devolo Magic 2 WiFi Next Powerline & Mesh Wi-Fi review

    devolo magic 2 wifi next

    Next-generation Powerline standard adds Mesh WiFi network for larger homes

    08 Oct 2020     ****

  • Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System review

    netgear nighthawk mesh wifi 6 review

    A speedy Wi-Fi 6 mesh system which doesn’t cost the earth

    23 Sep 2020     *****/2

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