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  • Jawbone Up24 review

    Jawbone Up24 main

    An excellent but expensive activity tracker

    20 May 2014     ****/2

  • Samsung Gear 2 Neo review

    Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo smartwatch

    Tizen smartwatch is impressive and good value for money

    12 May 2014     ****

  • Samsung Gear Fit activity tracker review

    Samsung Gear Fit Review main

    A smart watch and activity tracker in one

    28 Apr 2014     ***

  • Samsung Gear 2 review

    Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch colours

    Classy Tizen smartwatch is too expensive

    17 Apr 2014     ****/2

  • Garmin Vivofit review

    Garmin Vivofit review main

    A good activity tracker with more to come

    15 Apr 2014     ****/2

  • Polar Loop review: Activity tracker fit for sports people

    Polar Loop walk

    Activity tracker wristband that's fit for sports people

    11 Mar 2014     ****/2

  • Creoir Ibis hands-on review

    Ibis smartwatch concept

    Creoir Ibis dual-face smartwatch hands-on review

    27 Feb 2014

  • Fitbit Force review

    Fitbit force colour wristbands

    Hands on with activity tracker wristband that helps you get fit

    11 Feb 2014     *****/2

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch review

    Galaxy Gear 001 Front Jet Black

    Can this smartwatch replace your smartphone?

    29 Jan 2014     ****/2

  • Jawbone Up review

    Jawbone up small

    An easy-to-use activity tracker that lacks a display and wireless synching

    22 Jan 2014     ****/2

  • Fitbit One review

    Fitbit One main

    A great activity tracker at a sensible price

    22 Jan 2014     *****/2

  • Fitbit Zip review

    Fitbit Zip

    Fitbit Zip review

    16 Jan 2014     ****

  • Misfit Shine Activity Monitor review

    Misfit Shine I

    Stylish, discreet fitness watch is useful, but inaccurate

    15 Jan 2014     ****/2

  • LG Lifeband Touch hands-on review

    DSC5950 Custom

    A smartwatch that is also an excellent activity tracker

    08 Jan 2014

  • Nike FuelBand SE review

    fuelband se main NEW

    A decent activity tracker but lacking in features

    03 Jan 2014     ****/2

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