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  • Beddit Sleep Tracker review

    beddit review main

    Misfit's Beddit sleep tracker lays beneath your bed sheets to monitor your sleep efficiency, respiration & even snoring

    10 Nov 2015     ***/2

  • Huawei Watch review

    huawei watch review 3

    It's finally here but should you buy the Huawei Watch?

    04 Nov 2015     ****

  • Spardar Smart Glasses review: Are cheap smart glasses worth buying?

    spardar smart glasses review

    We tried the £40 Spardar Smart Glasses to find out how they compare with Google Glass (hint, they don't).

    16 Oct 2015

  • Vector Watch Luna review

    vector watch luna review

    Great design and 30 day battery life but lacks hardware and features

    13 Oct 2015     ***

  • Microsoft Band vs Band 2 comparison

    microsoft band vs band 2 comparison

    New design and third-party app supoort are key

    07 Oct 2015

  • Epson Runsense SF-810 review: Ideal companion for long-distance runs

    epson runsense sf 810 review 2

    A watch built for runners, the Epson Runsense is an activity tracker with an understated charm

    21 Sep 2015     ****/2

  • Jawbone UP3 review

    Jawbone UP3 review silver black

    It's pretty good for an activity tracker with no display

    17 Sep 2015     ****/2

  • Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch review

    Garmin Vivoactive hands on review

    A jack of all trades? The Vivoactive has some highlights, but several flaws, too

    15 Sep 2015     ****/2

  • TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio sport watch review

    tomtom multi sport cardio 2 800

    The TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio is a GPS sports watch that measures your activity as you train

    11 Sep 2015     ****

  • Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch review

    alcatel onetouch go watch interface

    New smartwatch is cheap, colourful and durable but has some peculiar features

    06 Sep 2015

  • LG Watch Urbane review

    LG Watch Urbane review

    Is the LG Watch Urbane the best Android Wear smartwatch yet?

    17 Jul 2015     ****

  • Jawbone UP2 review

    Jawbone UP2 two bands

    We really like the successor to the Jawbone UP24: read our Jawbone UP2 review to find out why

    29 Jun 2015     ****

  • Alcatel OneTouch Watch hands-on review

    Alcatel OneTouch Watch 2

    Smartwatch coming soon with budget price tag

    14 May 2015

  • Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch comparison review

    MS Band vs Apple Watch

    Microsoft Band vs Apple Watch comparison

    07 May 2015

  • Basis Peak review

    Basis Peak main

    The Basis Peak is an impressive fitness and sleep tracker, but is it worth buying?

    05 May 2015     ****/2

  • Huawei TalkBand B2 review: Weird or wonderful?

    Huawei Talk BandB2

    Huawei takes a second stab at its TalkBand smartband and Bluetooth headset hybrid, but not everyone will like it.

    30 Apr 2015     ****/2

  • Microsoft Band review | MS Band buying advice

    Microsoft Band

    Only Microsoft's mother could love the Microsoft Band - but that doesn't mean we don't like it

    28 Apr 2015     ****/2

  • Wellograph review activity tracker smartwatch

    Wellograph watch black

    It's no Apple Watch but as an activity tracker the Wellograph looks fantastic

    25 Apr 2015     ***

  • Asus ZenWatch Review

    Asus ZenWatch 7

    The Asus ZenWatch is Asus's first smartwatch, but is it any good? Read our review and find out.

    07 Apr 2015     ****/2

  • Pebble Time vs Apple Watch comparison

    Apple Watch vs Pebble Time comparison PCA

    The new Pebble smartwatch goes head-to-head with the shiny new Apple smartwatch in our comparison.

    26 Mar 2015

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