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  • Ivacy VPN review

    ivacy review 2021

    Ivacy is an affordable VPN for unblocking and streaming video

    01 Nov 2021     ****

  • NordVPN review: Still the best choice in 2021?

    nordvpn review main

    NordVPN is a fast & well-featured VPN service

    08 Jun 2021     *****

  • ExpressVPN review

    expressvpn review 2021 main

    An top-notch VPN service, but rivals are good enough for most people - and cheaper

    10 May 2021     ****

  • ClearVPN review

    clearvpn review main

    A VPN designed for beginners who want ease of use above all else.

    01 Apr 2021     ***

  • VPN review

    hide me vpn review 2021 main's free VPN is good, but the Premium plan is the one you'll want

    25 Mar 2021     ****

  • HideMyAss (HMA) VPN review

    hma vpn review 2021

    HMA has improved over the past year, but not enough to best the competition

    09 Mar 2021     ***

  • Hidden24 review

    hidden24 review main

    A VPN designed with security and privacy as core values

    15 Feb 2021     ****/2

  • Atlas VPN Premium review

    atlasvpn premium review

    A basic but very affordable VPN service

    11 Feb 2021     ****/2

  • Private Internet Access VPN review

    private internet access review 2021 main

    Ticking virtually every box, Private Internet Access is a great VPN

    26 Jan 2021     *****/2

  • Surfshark VPN review

    surfshark vpn review 2021

    Surfshark offers great value for anyone after a VPN service

    25 Jan 2021     *****/2

  • StreamLocator Hub review

    streamlocator review

    Finally, VPNs have some competition for unblocking streaming services

    19 Nov 2020     ****/2

  • CyberGhost VPN review

    cyberghost vpn review 2020

    With WireGuard support on the way, CyberGhost is a strong choice if you need a VPN

    22 Jun 2020     *****/2

  • NordVPN vs ExpressVPN


    Which of the class-leading VPN services should you invest in?

    10 Feb 2020

  • VyprVPN review

    vyprvpn review main

    A good all-round VPN service with decent speeds and a range of useful features

    03 Feb 2020     ****

  • Norton Secure VPN review

    norton secure vpn review

    Lacking features and offering only the bare minimum, Norton Secure VPN is hard to recommend

    12 Jul 2019     ***/2

  • TunnelBear VPN Review

    tunnelbear review 2019

    A fun and fluffy bear-themed VPN aimed firmly at the family market

    06 Jun 2019     ****

  • Bullguard VPN review

    bullguard vpn review main

    A VPN gives you security and privacy online. We test Bullguard’s new service

    15 Apr 2019     ****/2

  • Bitdefender Premium VPN review

    bitdefender vpn review free

    A very easy-to-use VPN service, but one which comes with a few notable drawbacks.

    09 Apr 2019     ***/2

  • Hotspot Shield Premium review

    hotspot shiled premium review

    Hotspot Shield is great for anyone new to VPNs who wants security and privacy with zero hassle

    03 Apr 2019     ****/2

  • IPVanish VPN review

    ipvanish review

    A clear interface with a tutorial make this VPN a winner with new users, but it has its downsides

    11 Jan 2019     ****/2

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