UMI Voix full review

The Umi Voix is a super-cheap in-ear binaural headphone set with microphone. With a standard 3.5mm jack the Umi Voix works with virtually all smartphones, tablets and audio players, offering a good value option for commuters who like to listen. Also see: Best budget headphones 2015/2016 and best budget Bluetooth speakers 2015/2016.

Umi Voix review: UK price, value and availability

The Umi Voix is not widely available - the listing on Amazon UK is out of stock at the moment, for instance. But head over to Tomtop and you can pick up the Umi Voix for the low low price of £8.49. £8.49! You pay that for a pint in the pub over the road from PC Advisor towers.

Elsewhere we found the Umi Voix retailing for £13 or £14. But availability is limited. If you can get it, though, there is value to be had here. Because although - as we shall see - the Umi Voix are far from stellar, they are a lot better than you have any right to expect for that price. See all headphone reviews.

Umi Voix review: build and design

In part this is because the design and build is high quality. Or at least, it seems that way to us. The Umi Voix has a stylish smokey grey chrome finish. This is tipped with red highlights. The lengthy cable is flat, which is always good for headphone longevity and the avoidance of tangles. The 3.5mm jack is gold plated, and rubber is used judiciously to protect the delicate parts of the Umi Voix. We used and abused the Umi Voix for several weeks with no defects.

On the wire is a remote. It has a multi-function single button, which is a good feature that works well. But this is the only part of the Umi Voix that felt cheap to us.

The Umi Voix's earbuds are not the smallest, but we found it very comfortable in our ears. Even when running (drenched in man sweat) they sat comfortably and firmly in our lugs. And we found that the drivers directed audio down into our eardrums - avoiding a common pitfall of cheap headphones. Audio leakage was there none. Or very little at high volume.

Overall then we think the Umi Voix looks and feels like a much more expensive set of headphones. But how does it sound? Also see: Best headphones 2015/2016.


Umi Voix review: audio quality

Pretty good. Certainly good enough for the casual listener to digital music, podcasts, radio and the like. Umi tells us that technically the Voix sports a 'true sound audio curve' as well as a helical aluminum sound chamber. It has 13mm drivers - that much we do know. And the end result is bassy. Strong, clear, bass. Which most people will enjoy. Some may find it overpowering when listening to very bassy music.

The top end is not as impressive. At times we heard a little distortion on trebles when we were playing heavy guitar music turned up to 11. It isn't a major flaw, but it is there.

But in general the listening experience is very good, whether it be music of virtually all genres, or podcasts and talk radio.

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UMI Voix: Specs

  • Used aluminum sound chamber material for reducing the adverse effects of the sound quality produced
  • Clear and ultimate overwhelming bass sound
  • With high performance microphone
  • 1.2m-length fashionable nanoscale flat cable wire
  • 3.5mm plug, the transmission rate is up to 480Mbps
  • Ergonomic designed ear caps, comfortable to wear
  • Brand & Model: UMI VOIX
  • Earphone style : In-ear
  • Weight : 16g
  • Line: Flat line
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Speaker Dimension: 13mm
  • Speaker impedance: 35O
  • Speaker security: 100±3dB
  • Power input(Max): 3mW
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Connector: 3.5mm plug
  • Package Details

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