SoundPeats QY7 full review

Can you combine excellent audio quality, comfort and convenience all in a single pair of headphones? Apparently SoundPeats can. Also see: Best budget headphones 2015.

The first thing to notice about SoundPeats QY7 is they are wireless and can easily be connected to your device via Bluetooth, as you would do with any Bluetooth speaker.

We really appreciate this feature. Wireless technology makes SoundPeats QY7 perfect for listening to audio while exercising. Classic headphones would bind you to your phone, meaning that your movements would be restricted, whereas SoundPeats QY7 let you move around at will.

The SoundPeats QY7 are pleasantly light, just 16.4g. That's fairly standard for a pair of traditional earphones, but not so the wireless variety.

The SoundPeats QY7 come with a set of accessories, including six ear rubbers and 12 ear hooks, meaning that you get three different sizes of ear rubbers and six different pairs of ear hook. Depending on the size of your ears, you can adjust the earbuds to make them more comfortable.

In design, the SoundPeats QY7's style is also fairly standard. The two earpieces have a smooth surface and a teardrop-like shape.

On the right headphone piece is the function key, through which you can switch on or off the device, play or pause the music and answer phone calls. On the same earpiece you’ll find also two more buttons for adjusting the volume and changing the song. The small hole beneath the +/- button is the microphone.

On the other earphone sits the USB charging port, which is protected with a rubberised cover. See all headphone reviews.

The two earpieces are connected with a flat, rubberized wire that, with the headphones in your ears, should rest behind your neck, so you won’t even feel it. The wire is long enough to ensure that the earpieces won't pull on each other in use.

Nicely, the SoundPeats QY7 is available in eight colours, ranging from the classic all-black or all-white versions to a more eclectic combination of colours.

The overall impression is of a quality product that is no less than other, more expensive headphones.

SoundPeats QY7

Now, let’s talk about performance. In terms of sound quality, the SoundPeats QY7 are impressive, especially at this price - just £14.99 from Amazon UK.

Mids and highs are crisp and clearly reproduced. Bass is fairly boomy, dynamic, with good timing overall. It’s nice to hear bass guitar sounds, but the SoundPeats QY7 also work really well with rock, jazz and almost any other type of music.

The in-built microphone works well for handsfree calls over Bluetooth, with the call recipient able to hear clearly the user.

SoundPeats claims a battery life of 5 hours for the QY7, but your mileage will depend on the volume at which you play music.

The Bluetooth range is about 10m, but this can be affected by obstructions such as walls and stairs and so on.

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SoundPeats QY7: Specs

  • Sport Stereo Earphones
  • Bluetooth 4.1+EDR, 10m range
  • HFP1.6, HSP1.2, AVRCP1.4, A2DP1.2
  • CVC6.0 noise reduction
  • 1x USB charger cable, 3x pairs of ear rubbers, 6x pairs of ear hook, carry case, clip
  • 16.4g

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