SoundPeats A1 full review

These comfy wireless headphones from SoundPeats offer an excellent audio experience at only £25.99 - incredible but true. You'll find this bargain over at Amazon UK. Also see: Best budget headphones 2015.

Let’s start with the design. The SoundPeats A1 look fairly professional. A sober design is combined with materials that feel sophisticated to the touch.

The earcups are covered by soft cushions on the side that adhere to the ear. They completely cover the ear, resulting in better noise isolation when playing music. The overall experience is of pleasure and comfort.

The outer side of the earpieces is made with rubberised plastic that feel smooth to the touch. Both earcups can be rotated 45 degrees, and the left earpiece flashes with red and blue LED lights, indicating the battery level and other factors.

The headband is made from the same smooth plastic as the headpieces, except for its upper part. This is covered with soft leather-like material that adheres delicately to the top of your head. In terms of comfort this is a very useful feature, especially if you are wearing hairclips, which can be really painful when wearing a hard headband that crushes them. You can also adjust the length of the headband to make them more comfortable.

All the controls are found on the earcups. On the right earpiece is the power button, the volume knob and the USB charging and audio cable ports, which are protected by a rubberised cover.

On the left earpiece are the buttons for switching the song and pausing/playing the music. Also here is a hole for the microphone.

Inside the right headphone is the lithium battery, which you can take off and charge when the battery is low, or opt for the charging mode via a USB cable. See all headphone reviews.

SoundPeats A1

We cannot complain about the SoundPeats A1's audio quality. Clear and crispy mids and highs mean that acoustic music is nicely reproduced. The overall tone is balanced by weighty and dynamic bass that makes SoundPeats A1 sound good with pop and rock music. Overall the audio is clear and deep.

In terms of phone calls, the SoundPeats A1 works fairly well; both the user and the receiver can clearly listen to each other and there is no background noise.

SoundPeats claims 12 hours of playtime for the A1, thanks to its durable lithium battery.

The Bluetooth range is 33ft, but it may change depending on the barriers between the headphones and the device to which they are connected.

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SoundPeats A1: Specs

  • Bluetooth wireless headphone
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Receiver Range: 10m/360 degrees
  • Battery Li-ion 3.7V
  • USB cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable and cover
  • 210g

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