Sarach Flip iPhone case full review

Sena Sarach Flip black leather iPhone 5 case

The Sena Sarach Flip iPhone case is one of our favourite smartphone cases. It looks great and offers a nice level of luxurious protection.

The luxury leather Sarach Flip is now available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and 4S and iPhone 3G and 3GS. [This review updated to include iPhone 5 model.]

There are thousands of iPhone cases out there and we can't test them all here, but we have ensured that we review the quality ones. And you don't get much higher quality than the cases made by Sena.

Sena cases are handcrafted using fine Italian leathers. They don't look like run-of-the-mill iPhone cases, but they do ooze quality. Several of the Sena iPhone cases double as mini card-carrying wallets, too: for example the Sena WalletSlim and Sena Walletskin iPhone case.

Like the Sena MagnetFlipper the Sena Sarach Flip is less bulky than the Walletskin but still has space for a credit card or a few business cards.

Sena Sarach Flip black leather iPhone 5 case

It features the same great magnetic fastening system as the MagnetFlipper but with this easy-to-open cover flipping from the bottom rather than the top, which I preferred. (My preference may just be because I'm used to opening iPhone cases in this orientation, but it feels much more natural to me than flipping from the top.)

Another way that the Sarach Flip differs from the MagnetFlipper is its two-tone saddle-stitched design. Whether you prefer this look to the MagnetFlipper's smoother style is one of personal taste.

(For what it's worth I'd love the bottom-flip orientation of the Sarach Flip with the smoother styling of the MagnetFlipper.)

It is available in a variety of fetching leather and thread colour combinations (black main case and grey stitching, red case and stitching, brown case and cream stitching, and tan case with cream stitching).

Sena Sarach Flip brown iPhone 5 case

Orders are via Sena's US-based site. The sarach Flip costs $69.95 with $9.99 international shipping, which works out (at the time of writing) to be about £53.