Satechi Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub full review

Does an iMac or large PC screen really need a stand? These devices seem high enough already, but when you study correct screen-work posture and position, you’d be surprised at how your neck is bent downwards when it should be straight.

That’s actually damaging your neck muscles and vertebrae, which is not such a great idea when you think about it.

The Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub has been created for Apple’s iMac (it’s built from a similar aluminium and pleasingly minimal Apple design aesthetic) but will work with just about any monitor, all-in-one PC or display.

The NHS and other health organisations around the world recommend raising your computer screen to save your neck and back from undue strain.

And there are very few monitors that are adjustable to aid this. Most sit on a desk well below the optimum height.

Monitor stand USB hub

Satechi’s Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub is not just a stand that will stop you damaging your neck while working, it’s an integrated hub that puts extra USB ports within easy reach at the front of your PC, as well as memory-card slots that will let you add inexpensive fast storage and backup for your computer.

It features three built-in USB 3.0 (USB-A) ports, a USB-C data port, micro/SD card slots, and an audio jack for headphones or microphone. Just plug it into the back of your PC or Mac with the neatly hidden built-in cable (USB-A or USB-C).

Even if you don’t care for your neck muscles and vertebrae, these ports on the hub stand could make your computing life a whole lot easier.

Satechi iMac stand hub ports

You can stick a memory stick or phone charger in without having to reach round to the back of your computer. It doesn’t have the oomph to charge an iPad, but it can handle charging your phone while you work.

Those SD card slots aren’t just for photographers' camera cards. You can buy a tiny microSD card that can hold up as much as a terabyte, and use it for speedy backup or just to carry around your most essential files.

You can buy a 128GB card for as little as £25 / $25, or 256GB for £55 / $50. Check out our best Micro SD card comparison for the best quality options.

You connect the stand hub to your computer using the USB-C cable stored underneath. If your iMac or PC has the older USB-A ports, Satechi has helpfully included a little adapter so it’s compatible with all.

It measures 8.43-x-8.5-x-1.63 inches, and can hold up to 50lbs (22.6kg), which is enough to take four iMacs, although balancing them would be tricky.

Satechi Aluminum Stand Hub


I thought the Satechi Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub was merely a nice iMac stand when I first started using it, but then the genius front-mounted hub really made me fall for it it. 

It instantly tied up my desk and made backups so fast and easy that I feel safer that my data is copied in case of emergencies. And I can plug in memory sticks and phone chargers without having to reach around the back of the computer, scratchily trying to find the USB port.

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Satechi Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub: Specs

  • Featuring built-in USB 3.0 ports, USB-C data port, micro/SD card slots, and audio jack

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