Sandberg Outdoor PowerBank 10400mAh full review

Sandberg's Outdoor PowerBank in its camo green casing looks the part and does the job, but is it the best power bank for emergency charging your phone or tablet wherever you are? We find out in our Sandberg Outdoor PowerBank 10,400mAh review. Also see: Best power banks 2015. 

The Outdoor PowerBank from Sandberg won't suit all tastes, but we love its military design. This green plastic power bank feels extremely durable, and its ribbed edges and rubberised camo vest aid grip in the hands even when wet.  

Don't go dunking it in a river or anything, but the Sandberg's IP54 rating means it's both rainproof and dustproof. With rubber flaps protecting its ports, this power bank is protected from the elements wherever you happen to be when your phone or tablet runs out of juice. Also see: How to improve smartphone battery life 

No carry case is supplied (not that you'll need one), but Sandberg's generous five-year warranty leaves you feeling comfortably assured that this power bank won't let you down right when you need it most. 

We say phone or tablet, but you could actually charge phone and tablet, with two USB outputs rated at 5W (normal) and 10.5W (fast). The only problem here is that the Sandberg's maximum total output is only 10.5W, so the fast-charging port will operate at a reduced rate when two devices are attached. 

That's not particularly uncommon, but the 5W-rated Micro-USB input is disappointing. It'll take between 11 and 12 hours to refill this power bank from a mains adaptor and, with no support for passthrough charging, you'll have to separately recharge your phone and tabet from another mains outlet. Also see: How to charge your phone or tablet faster. 

Another feature this Sandberg lacks is auto-on/-off. When you plug in a device to charge you must press the power bank's button to begin charging, and when the battery is full it won't switch off until you unplug it. Holding down this power button activates the device's built-in LED flashlight, which could come in handy if you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere. 

With a 10,400mAh capacity and an industry average efficiency of between 65- and 70 percent, you can expect the Sandberg Outdoor PowerBank to fill your phone's battery several times. We estimate you'll see around 7000- 7300mAh usable power, which would refill our Samsung Galaxy S6 (2550mAh battery) nearly three times, or an iPhone 6 (1810mAh) four times. 

The RRP is expensive at £53.99, but we've found the Sandberg Outdoor PowerBank at Amazon for a much more affordable £24.45. That makes it just a little more expensive than rival power banks at the same capacity, such as the £20 TP-Link TL-PB10400mAh Power Bank ( and £18 Lumsing 10400mAh Power Bank ( You might prefer the Sandberg's rugged, waterproof design, but note that it will take longer to refill than both of these rivals. 

Compared to the other rugged power bank we've tested, the LimeFuel L150XR 15,000mAh (, this Sandberg is more easily portable, affordable and obtainable in the UK, but it lacks high-end features such as passthrough charging. Also see: Best desktop chargers 2015.

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Sandberg Outdoor PowerBank 10400mAh: Specs

  • 10,400mAh power bank
  • 1x 5W (5V, 1A) Micro-USB input, charges in 11-12 hours with 5W adaptor
  • 1x 10.5W (5V, 2.1A) USB output
  • 1x 5W (5V, 1A) USB output
  • max total output 10.5W (5V, 2.1A)
  • IP54 rain- and dustproof
  • four-LED status system
  • LED torch
  • Micro-USB cable supplied
  • no passthrough charging
  • no auto-on/-off
  • no carry case
  • 124x 78x25mm
  • 279g
  • 5-year warranty

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