Romoss RT Pro 10,000mAh Power Bank full review

Romoss' RT Pro is a Quick Charge 3.0 power bank that offers fast charging of up to two connected devices. It’s available from Amazon UK right now for £20.99, while in the US it will set you back just $27.99. (Read our best power banks 2018 chart.)

Power banks fulfil a pretty basic need: topping up your USB devices while you’re away from mains power. For most customers choosing a power bank will come down rather simply to budget, capacity and design.

There are other features to look for in power banks, such as the ability to passthrough charge (charge their own batteries and those of connected devices at once), LCD screens, LED flashlights, USB-C and Lightning support, and so on. But at the top of our list is most definitely speed.

The Romoss delivers on this front, with one of its two USB outputs offering Quick Charge 3.0 compatibility (up to 18W). This allows it to charge a phone or tablet that also supports Quick Charge at super-speed. It’s four times faster than a typical charger, claims the company.

The second output is another fast port, pumping out power at a rate of 12W (2.4A). This is ideal for quickly recharging phones and tablets that don’t support Quick Charge but can accept fast charging. It will more than certainly charge your device faster than the charger that it was sold with.

Charging your devices is only one half of the story, though, because when the bank runs out of juice you also need to charge its internal battery. It’s great to see Romoss adding support for Quick Charge 3.0 to the Micro-USB input, and it seems to support passthrough charging on our Galaxy S8. If we were to grumble we’d point out the lack of future-facing USB-C.

Note that you’ll need to use this with a compatible wall adapter to get the fastest charging speeds, but you could see its internal battery refuelled in just 3.5 hours. That’s pretty impressive given that there’s 10,000mAh on offer here.

No power bank delivers exactly what is said on the tin, so you won’t get four full charges for a phone with a 2,500mAh battery from this device. Efficiency is around 70 percent, which is about average, so you might see around 7000mAh of power available to your devices. As a guide, that would charge the Galaxy S8 just over two times.

It’s a great performer, but in terms of design the Romoss does not particularly stand out within its price group. It has a black aluminium outer shell, which is nice to see in place of cheap plastic (though plastic is still found at either end). All the ports are found at one end, next to which you’ll find four LEDs to give you a clue as to how much battery power remains. That’s pretty standard; it’s rare to see LCDs in power banks at this price point.

Although it is advertised as slim, it is possible to buy more compact power banks at this capacity. The Romoss is roughly the same height as our Galaxy S8, but both wider and thicker - and a lot heavier at 270g. This is the type of power bank you’ll probably want to carry in a bag rather than a pocket.

No carry case is provided with the Romoss power bank, though it feels sufficiently durable that you won’t need one.


Romoss RT Pro 10,000mAh Power Bank: Specs

  • 10,000mAh power bank
  • QC 3.0 (18W) Micro-USB input
  • 1x USB QC 3.0 (18W) output
  • 1x 12W (2.4A) USB output
  • recharges in 3.5 hours
  • passthrough charging
  • four-LED status lights
  • 146x71.5x15.5mm
  • 270g

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