Revamp Progloss Steamcare ST-1600 straightener full review

The design of the Revamp Progloss straighteners is simple and understated. They're all black, with a grippy, matt silicone coating. They’re larger and a little heavier than the Classic GHD IV, with longer, wider plates.

The straighteners have a 3m cable with a 360° swivel setting for manoeuvrability.

In terms of safety features, a red light illuminates when they're switched on. Plus, the straighteners have an automatic shut-off function - but this only kicks in if they've been left on for an hour.

Half an hour would have been preferable, I reckon, but the heat-resistant silicone mat that's provided for them to rest on provides another layer of protection.

Incidentally, if you terrorise yourself with fears you've left your straighteners on every time you leave the house, try using them with a smart plug that you can switch off remotely for some peace of mind. 

If you're looking to upgrade your whole hair styling set-up, these straighteners match the Revamp Progloss 4000 hair dryer, which we’ve also reviewed.

Features and performance

The straighteners use ionic technology, emitting negatively charged ions, which should theoretically allow straightening without using as much damaging heat.

The plates themselves are ceramic and ‘floating’. What this means is that they have a bit of give in their setting, so they can flex to clamp your hair properly.

Revamp also claims that the plates have been ‘infused’ with Keratin, Argan and coconut oil to promote smoothness. The idea is that plates are treated with oils during production and, as ceramic is porous, the oils are retained and transferred to your hair in minute amounts.

I’m slightly sceptical about the difference this could realistically make: after all, if it works, doesn’t this mean that the straighteners would grow less effective over time as the oil is used up?

In any case, the straightening tech doesn’t end there. The real point of difference comes in the form of the steam jets, which are situated in a row in the middle of one of the ceramic plates. It seems like a bit of a strange move to add something in the centre of what should be a perfectly flat plate, but there’s nothing in the design that can catch or snag your hair strands.

Steam jets on the Revamp Progloss

Let’s be clear: straightening your hair while it’s still wet is a terrible idea. However, a little steam used on dry hair during the straightening process can actually help to protect it from the dry heat of the plates.

The steam system is easy to use. There’s a small, removable water tank, which you unclip and fill at the sink. Ideally, you should use filtered water to make sure it doesn’t clog up with limescale – especially if you live in a hard water area. Once the reservoir is reattached, choose the no, low or high steam setting.

Steam tank and dial

It sputters a little when your first switch on the straighteners, but by the time you’re ready to use it, the amount of steam generated is small - even on the highest setting. And it makes a noticeable difference.

The Revamp Progloss has six heat settings: from 150°C-230°C. (For reference, the GHD IV heats to 185°C, which the company reckons is the ideal temperature to achieve the most efficient straightening with minimum damage.) When your chosen setting is reached, a green light illuminates next to it, so it's easy to read. 

Temperature settings

Those are the features that should help to protect your hair and deliver a good straightening result: floating ceramic plates, ionic technology, oil-infusion, steam and temperature control.

But how do they work in practice?

In my test, the answer was: extremely well. When using the Classic GHD, I typically have to run it through my hair three or more times – a lot more on the stubborn waves at the back. Using the Revamp Progloss at only 150°C (the lowest setting), with low steam, I was able to straighten in a single stroke. My hair looked silkier and retained its style all day.

Price & availability

At £119.99, these are at the more expensive end of the market, although they're a good £50 less than the GHD Platinum+

They're available from a number of retailers, including Revamp itself, Boots and Currys PC World. At the time of writing, they're out of stock on Amazon.

Revamp Progloss straighteners


The Revamp Progloss Steamcare straighteners are packed with features: temperature control, floating plates, ionising technology and steam. I particularly liked the range of heat options and I found that the steam function helped me get better results at a lower temperature. I would recommend them. 

You can get decent hair straighteners for far less, but if your hair is damaged or over-treated, you might well consider these a good investment.

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