Revamp Progloss 4000 hair dryer full review

The Revamp Progloss 4000 has a high-quality look, with a matt black silicone finish and ice blue accents. It’s not heavy and it’s easy to use, although it has a number of handy settings and features. It comes with a removable concentrator nozzle, to direct the flow of air. It also has a 3m long power cable.


The Progloss 4000 is a 2100W appliance. The high wattage gives you an indication that it’s powered by a decent motor and that means it’ll dry your hair quickly.

I’ve had my hairdryer for years now. Well, I thought: why not? It dries hair, doesn’t it – and what more could a hairdryer do? Except that it takes so long to dry and it’s so noisy that quite often I just leave it in the drawer and wander around letting my head air dry.

If you’re in a similar situation and you’ve been hanging onto your old hairdryer for ages, it may be time to upgrade. The tech has come a long way in recent times. A good quality new device could make life much easier and work wonders on your hair.

Revamp’s Progloss 4000 isn’t cheap but it’s a great option if you want to get up to date in terms of what hairdryers can do. It dries quickly and left my hair noticeably silkier and shinier than using my elderly hairdryer.

How does it do that? Hair styling is tough on hair and most styling tools (including hair dryers, straighteners and curling wands) aim to minimise their effect on your tresses. Whatever the marketing materials may say, they can’t improve its condition. But by using good appliances, controlling the temperature and adding some heat protecting spray, you can protect the condition and improve the appearance of even damaged hair.

The Progloss 4000 features two technologies that Revamp claims help to smooth and protect hair. The first is the ionic jet that shoots negatively charged ions at the hair strands. Water droplets have a positive charge and the negative ions break them apart, helping to dry your hair more quickly, which in turn helps to protect the strands from frizz.

Ionic technology is also what’s used by the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, although its take on the tech will set you back £329.99. But if you’re feeling flush, you can read our review to find out more.

Second, like all of the Revamp Progloss range, the hairdryer is infused with keratin, Argan oil and coconut oil. I have questions about this. What exactly does infused mean? Does the hairdryer essentially blow oils at your hair? How long does the infusion last for? Unfortunately, it’s hard to find out more from the product information.

What I can say is that this hairdryer could make a real difference to your hair styling results, although whether that’s from the ionic jet or the oils, I don’t know.


The Progloss 4000 has two speed settings: medium and a sort of blow-your-head-off option. The first is quiet, effective and should be adequate for most circumstances. The second is a lot noisier and could, I suppose, be used in a crisis if you need to dry your hair in under two minutes.

It also has three heat settings, and obviously, you should keep the heat as low as possible. I found that the lowest setting was fine for everyday use.

The concentrator nozzle will allow you to precision dry for better styling results. Click it on to the dryer and you can rotate it 360° during use.

For quick, all-over drying, remove the nozzle and use Advanced Care. This is an oscillation function that allows you to diffuse the heat widely for fast drying and protect your hair by not focusing too much in one spot. There are three settings and if you set it to strong, the hair dryer shudders distractingly in your hand but the gentle setting is effective.  

Finally, it also has a cool air button for setting your style.

Price and availability

The Revamp Progloss 4000 costs £99.99 and you can currently buy it from Boots and Amazon in the UK. It’s likely to become more widely available in the future.


With new functionality added every few months to everything from hair dryers to electric toothbrushes, it's hard to know how much you should spend on an appliance or which features are worth paying for.

The Progloss 4000 certainly has every feature you could ask for. But unlike some appliances, all of its functions are useful and nothing feels like a pointless add-on. If you style your hair a lot, you'll probably make use of everything.

You can certainly get a good hair dryer now for under £50 but if you want a deluxe, fully-featured model, we reckon you'd be very happy with this one. 

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