Remington G4 Graphite full review

If you need a beard trimmer to be more than just a trimmer, the Remington G4 Graphite is up for the challenge. For those wanting to do various types of grooming, this is an all-in-one kit that’s easy to use, performs well and comes at an affordable price.


The G4 Graphite is priced at a reasonable £39. You can, of course, get cheaper trimmers but they are a lot more basic and you can spend hundreds if you want.

You can buy it from Amazon or Debenhams in the UK.

We can’t find the same trimmer in the US so look to something like the pg6170 which has very similar attachments. It’s $67 from Newegg.

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Design & Build

Generally, unless you’re going to really splash out, trimmers are all made equal. The G4 Graphite is about what you’d expect at this price with a solid plastic body.

We think the G4 looks nice with its combination of black and white with a flash of blue. It’s a nicely balanced weight and has an ergonomic shape so feels nice in the hand.

Remington G4 Graphite beard trimmer

We’d like the sides to be made from rubber for additional grip, although this has the downside of deteriorating over time. Instead, it’s just solid black plastic but does have a series of ridges so there is still a reasonable amount of grip. We didn’t drop it during testing anyway.

Like many beard trimmers, the G4 is compact and comes with a bag to keep it in with space for the charger and attachments. It’s a basic pouch but does the job.

There’s no speed adjustment so this is an on or off device and there’s an LED to indicate charge.

The main feature here is that the attachments are interchangeable within seconds just by simply twisting them on and off.

Features & Performance

Remington has made the G series to be versatile and has done exactly that. The G4 Graphite is like a Swiss army knife but won’t cut you.

The main attachment is your regular trimmer head (30mm) and has self-sharpening blades. As the name suggests, there’s a graphite coating to help the G4 glide smoothly. We found this was certainly the case and this Remington offers a quick and efficient cut without hairs getting stuck.

Remington G4 Graphite attachments

As you might expect, there’s an adjustable comb so you can choose the length of the cut - between 2- and 20mm here giving you a decent amount of range. Then there are two fixed length combs (1.5- and 3mm) for stubble and ‘body hair’ trimming.

A micro stubble/precision trimmer and detailed trimmer mean you can get a very accurate cut. The latter is essentially a tiny trimmer with only a few blades, which you can use for nose, eyebrow and ear hair.

The G4 even comes with a mini foil shaver attachment if you want to get a really close and clean finish.

As we mentioned before, switching between them takes only seconds so you can chop and change as you go. Between them all, you should be able to achieve the style you’re going for with precision.

Remington G4 Graphite attachments

If you want more attachments then you can upgrade to the G5 Graphite (£49), which also has a dual-sided vertical detail trimmer and a 0.5 - 9mm body hair trimmer. Alternatively, you can save money by going for the G3 Graphite (£22) if you won’t use the mini foil shaver.

Battery life is decent despite the trimmer’s compact size with up to 60 minutes, so you should get a good few grooming sessions out of it before needing to recharge. When it does die, the downside is that you’ll need to wait 10 hours for it to be full again and the plug supplied is a three-pin so you can’t use it plugged into a shaver point in the bathroom.


We’re thoroughly impressed with the G4 Graphite from Remington. This compact little trimmer is jack of all trades without being a master of one.

There’s little to dislike about the design, apart from perhaps some extra grip by adding some rubber.

More importantly, the interchangeable design means that you can do all kinds of trimming and grooming without having to make a regular head try and work for every task. Changing the attachments is easy and we find them all to perform very well.

All of this at a very reasonable price makes the G4 Graphite easy to recommend.

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