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  • Sandberg PowerBank 12000mAh review

    Sandberg PowerBank 12000

    Useful for charging a phone or tablet on the move, but expensive - is the Sandberg PowerBank 12000 worth the money?

    02 Jul 2015     ****

  • iHarbort Power Bank MS031 10,000mAh review

    iHarbot 10000mAh power bank 2

    iHarbort offers excellent-value power banks for phones and tablets, and its 10,000mAh power bank is a steal at £13.99

    30 Jun 2015     ****

  • iHarbort Power Bank MS024 5000mAh review: ultra-slim & ultra-cheap

    iHarbot 5000 power bank

    It's one of the best all-rounders we've found, and at a tiny £7.50 you will not be disappointed with the iHarbort MS024 Power Bank

    29 Jun 2015     *****/2

  • Imneed 3200mAh External Battery review

    Imneed 3200 External Battery 2

    Imneed's 3200mAh External Battery is a pocket-sized emergency charger for your phone. We see how it fares in our power bank review

    19 Jun 2015     ****/2

  • Emie Power Blade 8000mAh power bank review

    Emie Power Blade 2

    Winner of a Red-dot design award, the Emie Power Blade is much more than just a good-looking charger for your phone or tablet

    16 Jun 2015     ****

  • Emie Power Note 5200mAh power bank review

    Emie Power Note 2

    We've seen many, many power banks come into the PC Advisor lab, but the Emie Power Note stands out for its excellent design

    12 Jun 2015     ****

  • OnePlus Power Bank review

    OnePlus Power Bank ports

    A great companion for the OnePlus One - or any phone - this portable charger will keep it going all day, all night and beyond

    21 May 2015     ****

  • Vinsic 20,000mAh Power Bank review

    Vinsic 20000mah power bank

    Vinsic's Power Bank is an excellent-value and high-capacity portable charger for your phone and tablet

    18 May 2015     ****

  • Omaker Power Bank 5200mAh review

    Omaker power bank 5200mah 2

    Small and light enough to fit in a pocket, with enough power to potentially offer two fast charges for your phone

    06 May 2015     ****

  • Sandberg Powerbank 6000 review

    Sandberg Powerbank 6000

    Sandberg's Powerbank 6000 is a useful, if basic, emergency charger for your phone or tablet when you're away from the mains

    23 Apr 2015     ***

  • Intocircuit Power Castle PC13000 and PC15000 review

    Intocircuit Power Castle 3

    These upgraded, higher-capacity power banks from Intocircuit are better than ever, offering great value charging on the go

    22 Apr 2015     *****/2

  • Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 6 reviews

    Mophie juice pack iphone 6 800 wide

    Mophie Juice Packs now available for the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

    12 Apr 2015     ****

  • EasyAcc PowerBank PB18000 review: Best-value high-capacity power bank

    EasyAcc PowerBank PB18000 1

    EasyAcc's PowerBank PB18000 will charge your iPhone 6 seven times, and it'll do it fast

    25 Mar 2015     ****

  • Aukey PB-N30 3600mAh External Battery Charger review

    Aukey 3600mAh External Battery Charger 4

    The first power bank to charge over a Lightning connection, the Aukey PB-N30 is a must-have accessory for iPhone owners

    11 Mar 2015     ****

  • Aukey 2-in-1 External Battery and Cigarette Lighter review

    Aukey External Battery Cigarette Lighter 1

    Now this what we call a gadget: this pocketable power bank from Aukey charges your phone and lights your fags

    11 Mar 2015     ****

  • Olixar 6 USB Smart IC Charger review

    Olixar desktop charger 800

    The fastest way to charge multiple phones, tablets and USB devices

    18 Feb 2015     ****

  • Zendure 5-Port Turbo Desktop Charger review

    Zendure 5 Port Turbo Desktop Charger 800

    The best way to charge all your gadgets quickly, easily and simultaneously

    18 Feb 2015     ****

  • Upp Fuel Cell Energy review

    Upp fuel cell and cartridge

    Power charger for off-grid adventurers

    28 Jan 2015     ***

  • iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall Charger review

    iClever 6 port Travel Wall Charger 800

    iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall Charger review

    26 Jan 2015     ****

  • Anker Astro E5 15000mAh power bank review

    Anker Astro E5 power bank review 1

    Portable power for your phone or tablet that comes at a good price

    23 Jan 2015     ****

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