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  • Huawei 13,000mAh Power Bank review

    huawei power bank review 1

    Huawei's metal-clad Power Bank is good-looking and tough, but it does little to stand out among similarly priced rivals

    04 Sep 2015     ****

  • EC Technology 12,000mAh External Battery Pack review

    ec technology 12000mah external battery pack 3

    The EC Technology 12,000mAh External Battery Pack stands out for its good value and trio of USB outputs

    28 Aug 2015     ****

  • Choetech Portable Power Bank B611Q review

    Choetech Portable Power Bank review

    The Choetech B611Q is the fastest power bank we've seen yet, reducing charge times by up to 75 percent!

    14 Aug 2015     ****

  • MiPow Power Tube 3000 review: A great power bank for iPhone users

    MiPow Power Tube 8000 2

    A stylish power bank for iPad and iPhone owners, and the MiPow Power Tube 3000 won't set alight their homes either

    13 Aug 2015     ****

  • Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank review

    Xiaomi Power Bank 5

    Xiaomi's 10,000mAh Power Bank is one of the best we've seen - ever. Find out more in our Xiaomi Power Bank review

    13 Jul 2015     *****/2

  • EE Power Bar review

    How to claim a free EE Power Bar

    Why wouldn't you want a free power bank?

    09 Jul 2015     *****/2

  • Sandberg Outdoor PowerBank 10400mAh review

    Sandberg Outdoor PowerBank 800

    Handy for charging your phone or tablet in any environment, we test Sandberg's rugged Outdoor PowerBank 10,400mAh

    09 Jul 2015     ****

  • Sandberg PowerBank 12000mAh review

    Sandberg PowerBank 12000

    Useful for charging a phone or tablet on the move, but expensive - is the Sandberg PowerBank 12000 worth the money?

    02 Jul 2015     ****

  • iHarbort Power Bank MS031 10,000mAh review

    iHarbot 10000mAh power bank 2

    iHarbort offers excellent-value power banks for phones and tablets, and its 10,000mAh power bank is a steal at £13.99

    30 Jun 2015     ****

  • iHarbort Power Bank MS024 5000mAh review: ultra-slim & ultra-cheap

    iHarbot 5000 power bank

    It's one of the best all-rounders we've found, and at a tiny £7.50 you will not be disappointed with the iHarbort MS024 Power Bank

    29 Jun 2015     *****/2

  • Imneed 3200mAh External Battery review

    Imneed 3200 External Battery 2

    Imneed's 3200mAh External Battery is a pocket-sized emergency charger for your phone. We see how it fares in our power bank review

    19 Jun 2015     ****/2

  • Emie Power Blade 8000mAh power bank review

    Emie Power Blade 2

    Winner of a Red-dot design award, the Emie Power Blade is much more than just a good-looking charger for your phone or tablet

    16 Jun 2015     ****

  • Emie Power Note 5200mAh power bank review

    Emie Power Note 2

    We've seen many, many power banks come into the PC Advisor lab, but the Emie Power Note stands out for its excellent design

    12 Jun 2015     ****

  • OnePlus Power Bank review

    OnePlus Power Bank ports

    A great companion for the OnePlus One - or any phone - this portable charger will keep it going all day, all night and beyond

    21 May 2015     ****

  • Vinsic 20,000mAh Power Bank review

    Vinsic 20000mah power bank

    Vinsic's Power Bank is an excellent-value and high-capacity portable charger for your phone and tablet

    18 May 2015     ****

  • Omaker Power Bank 5200mAh review

    Omaker power bank 5200mah 2

    Small and light enough to fit in a pocket, with enough power to potentially offer two fast charges for your phone

    06 May 2015     ****

  • Sandberg Powerbank 6000 review

    Sandberg Powerbank 6000

    Sandberg's Powerbank 6000 is a useful, if basic, emergency charger for your phone or tablet when you're away from the mains

    23 Apr 2015     ***

  • Intocircuit Power Castle PC13000 and PC15000 review

    Intocircuit Power Castle 3

    These upgraded, higher-capacity power banks from Intocircuit are better than ever, offering great value charging on the go

    22 Apr 2015     *****/2

  • EasyAcc PowerBank PB18000 review: Best-value high-capacity power bank

    EasyAcc PowerBank PB18000 1

    EasyAcc's PowerBank PB18000 will charge your iPhone 6 seven times, and it'll do it fast

    25 Mar 2015     ****

  • Aukey PB-N30 3600mAh External Battery Charger review

    Aukey 3600mAh External Battery Charger 4

    The first power bank to charge over a Lightning connection, the Aukey PB-N30 is a must-have accessory for iPhone owners

    11 Mar 2015     ****

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