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  • Lumsing Glory P2 Plus Power Bank review

    lumsing glory p2 power bank

    With USB-C, QC3, parallel charging and a low price, the Lumsing Glory P2 is worth checking out

    01 Feb 2017     ****

  • DXPower Armor DX0001 10,000mAh Power Bank review

    dxpower armor power bank 3

    Technology and the great outdoors can mix. If you need your phone to keep going in the wilderness look to this rugged power bank

    25 Jan 2017     ****

  • RavPower PowerStation Series 20100mAh review

    ravpower powerstation 20100mah 2

    A power bank that means serious business

    17 Jan 2017     *****/2

  • Flux Charger Plus review

    flux charger plus

    Flux is at it again, making its Flux power bank bigger and better than ever

    16 Jan 2017     ****

  • CHJGD Kaset 6000mAh power bank review

    chjgd kaset review

    Today's kids might not know what they're looking, but we love this retro limited edition power bank from cool charging brand CHJGD

    20 Dec 2016     ****

  • Zendure A4 13,400mAh power bank review

    zendure a4

    Zendure is a top power bank brand, and its A4 occupies the middle ground of its line-up

    20 Dec 2016     ****

  • CHJGD Magnum Opus review

    chjgd magnum opus

    The Magnum Opus ticks so many of our boxes when looking for a power bank - will it tick yours?

    20 Dec 2016     *****/2

  • Lumsing Grand A2 Plus 13,400mAh Power Bank review

    lumsing grand a2 plus

    A fast and compact power bank for charging your phone away from home

    12 Dec 2016

  • Zendure A3 Power Bank 10,000mAh review

    zendure a3

    Another model in Zendure's highly recommended A-series, and another power bank on our wish list

    30 Nov 2016     ****

  • Dodocool 5000mAh Power Bank review

    dodocool power bank

    If your iPhone battery struggles to last a day this Dodocool power bank could be exactly the gadget you need

    30 Nov 2016     ****

  • EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra-Slim Power Bank review

    easyacc ultra slim

    EasyAcc's latest Ultra-Slim power bank makes on-the-go charging a cinch for iPhone users

    30 Nov 2016     ****

  • Aukey 30,000mAh Lightning Power Bank review

    aukey 30000mah lightning power bank

    Aukey's Lightning Power Bank offers a serious amount of portable power for mobile users

    18 Nov 2016     ****/2

  • Omnicharge review: Charge it from anything and charge anything with it

    omnicharge 1

    A smart power bank that will power everything from your phone to your TV

    09 Oct 2016     *****/2

  • PEMOTech Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s/7 review

    pemotech iphone 7 battery case 3

    Extremely cheap but powerful battery case for the iPhone 7

    09 Oct 2016     ***

  • Lumsing Pilot 4GS iPhone power bank review

    lumsing lightning power bank

    For iPhone users only, the Lumsing Pilot 4GS is a useful device should you run out of power away from home

    06 Oct 2016     ****

  • Griffin Survivor power bank review

    griffin survivor

    You can drop it from height, throw it in the mud and leave it out in the rain... or just charge your phone multiple times

    26 Sep 2016     ****

  • ZeroLemon 15,200mAh JuiceBox Battery Charger review

    zerolemon power bank

    High in capacity, low in price, stylish in build and fast to charge, but is the ZeroLemon JuiceBox actually worth your money?

    26 Sep 2016     ****

  • Iceworks 5000mAh Portable Charger review

    iceworks 5000 portable charger

    A fantastic emergency charger for filling up an Android phone or iPhone on the go, we review the Iceworks 5000mAh Portable Charger

    24 Aug 2016     ****

  • Zendure A8 QC power bank review: Feature-loaded, sky-high in capacity

    zendure a8 qc

    Zendure's power bank line-up is ultra-tough, ultra-compact, stylish and loaded with features, and the A8 QC sits top of the range

    22 Aug 2016     *****/2

  • Flux Card power bank review

    flux charger new

    Flux Card is a small, light and cable-free power bank for iPhone and Android. Read on to find out why you want one

    18 Aug 2016     *****/2

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