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PNY PowerPacks DCM2200 DCL2200  

PNY has a full range of ultra-portable PowerPacks for just about any mobile device out there. Each is slightly larger and heavier than a cigarette lighter but at 60g will hardly be noticed in a briefcase, handbag or even a jacket pocket.

The PowerPack DCL2200 and DCM2200 are handy battery packs for smartphone users. Both have a charge capacity of 2,200mAh (milliamp hours) that should give most smartphones a full recharge, saving you from that dreaded battery life warning that can ruin your day.

Most handy for iPhone users is the £26.99 Direct Connect Lightning 2200 (PowerPack DCL2200) that connects directly with the iPhone with its built-in Lightning connector. This saves you the bother of carrying a Lightning cable around with you. As Apple charges £25 for such cables this battery pack looks even better value for money.

PNY PowerPacks DCL2200

Its 2,200mAh Li-ion battery should give you at least a full charge for a depleted iPhone 6 (which has a 1,810mAh battery) and more for an iPhone 5s (which has a 1,560mAh battery). The iPhone 6 Plus packs a 2,915mAh battery so you’ll likely get around a 70 percent charge from the DCL2200.

PNY PowerPacks DCM2200

Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone users will appreciate the £17.99 PowerPack DCM2200 rechargeable battery that can extend the life of a smartphone by up to one full charge, depending on the phone’s internal battery capacity.

For convenient and easy charging the PowerPack DCM2200 has a built-in Micro-USB connecter that plugs in and fits flush against the bottom of a smartphone that uses a Micro USB charger.

Each unit’s LED indicator uses four lights to display the Power Pack’s battery level status. And both come with a Micro-USB cable to charge the Power Pack.

PNY PowerPacks T2600

PNY also sells the affordable PowerPack T2600/T5200/T7800/T10400 with a Universal USB output for the widest range of devices. All you need to do is plug a Micro USB (Android etc) or Lightning (for iPhones and iPads) cable into the battery pack.

The highly affordable, entry-level 2,600mAh PowerPack T2600 (£11.99) packs a charge that should double the battery life of most smartphones. The £19.99 T5200 (5,200mAh) should give two full charges to a smartphone, and the larger units (£29.99 T7800 and £39.99 T10400) will take a tablet to a full charge or multiple for smartphones.

These also have easy-to-read LED battery level indicators so you can tell how much battery charge the pack has remaining.

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