Osomount Push NFC full review

Osomount Push NFC review

smartphone car mount is normally pretty standard but the latest model from Osomount called the Push NFC comes with, erm, NFC.

We'll jump straight into the most interesting element of the Push NFC mount which is the near field communications (NFC) chip which is hidden inside. This is for use with any smartphone, tablet or other device with NFC – although the iPhone 6's chip is currently restricted so will have no effect.

What you do when the smartphone and the mount meet is up to you which is partly great but it's a little confusing to get setup. You need to download an NFC tag app to your device so that when you tap for the first time, you can define what you want to happen. There's various one out there which are free but it's strange that Osomount recommends one in the instruction manual and another on the website – NFC Smart Q and NFC Tools.

Whichever you use, set the app to read then tap your device on the Push NFC mount (you may need to wave it around a bit so the chips line up). Once the two NFC chips have recognised each other you can setup what you want to happen. We used it to open a satnav app but you can opt do all kinds of things like get your phone to pair to your vehicle over Bluetooth. If you're not using the mount in a car, then you could connect to a certain Wi-Fi network, open your emails, send a message or whatever takes your fancy.

It's not a life saver but it is a time saver. The only real drawback is that you can only set one task at a time. You can't tap twice for a second option for example as that's not how NFC works.

Osomount Push NFC review size

Osomount claims that the Push NFC has the 'world's quickest phone mounting mechanism' and while we don't think this is true is does work pretty well. The reason we don't agree is that there is a button which to need to push to extend the arms before putting your phone in and it can be difficult to push it all the way in – if you don't, the arms simply spring back.

Once you have got the arms primed and ready, all you need do it push the button in the middle of the mount and this releases the arms and you're phone is secured. It's simple and effective but make sure your device is positioned correctly before pushing the button to avoid the arms pushing volume buttons or blocking any ports. Oh, and mind your fingers because the arms spring inwards quite violently.

The device holds your phone, or any device up to 3.5in wide, and holds on nice and tight with silicone grips. None of the various handsets we've put in the Push NFC have budged even a small amount while driving.

There's a classic suction cup which has a washable sticky surface to help out but the device also comes in an air vent mount variant should this suit your vehicle. Like a lot of car mounts, there's a ball joint so you can adjust the viewing angle. Osomount lists it as 360 degree which is true in the sense that you can spin your device around but the adjustment isn't as comprehensive as we've seen elsewhere – the firm's own Dash Grip, for example. It's good enough though and might just require finding the optimum position for the suction cup.

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