Noblechairs Hero Series full review

Gaming chairs are growing in popularity as a higher focus on ergonomic design becomes a staple of the market because of the ever increasing awareness to back health. Noblechairs has brought us the Hero series which sees its trade mark build quality and seating adjustment options in a chair designed for a people with a larger frame.

There is an old saying that suggests you shouldn’t skimp on anything that rests between you and the ground. Your shoes, mattress and chairs are extremely important for an extended quality of life when it comes to your posture so investing in a well designed and built chair is essential if you're going to be spending hours sitting at a desk.

Noblechairs Hero Series: Price and Availability

The Noblechairs Hero series retails at £349 for the faux leather, and £579 for the real leather version and can be found on Amazon.

This is certainly not an insignificant amount of money to spend on a chair and means that the Hero series competes directly with the Secretlab Titan and the Ewin Flash XL.

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Noblechairs Hero Series: Construction

The Noblechairs Hero Series is nice and straightforward to put together. The instructions are clear, the supplied tools are well made and perform perfectly. As you would expect from a German brand, the build quality is outstanding and the quality of the materials that make up the chair are great too.

This does come with a couple of caveats however; the box that the chair comes in is extremely large and very heavy, being 6’2 and 90kg myself I was struggling to move the box on my own. The instructions also suggest that you have another person to help you build the chair, as there are certain parts of the construction process where I felt like I was running out of limbs to hold, support and screw something together at the same time.

However, being a modern man, I persevered and after half an hour of rolling around on the floor with the product I managed to get it all together. Once the chair has been built and is without all its packaging, it’s still not what I would call light – being 28kg (70 pounds) and an awkward shape made it difficult to move around, however this is testament to the quality of the materials used so this is not a complaint, more of a warning.

Noblechairs Hero Series

Noblechairs Hero Series: Design and Features

Once the chair was built and in position I used it for a couple of days to give it a thorough testing and it’s a real joy to use.

The racing seat design allows the chair to surround you with plenty of support at every angle. You can certainly tell that the chair was designed in conjunction with eSports professionals in mind as comfort and ergonomic design can end up making poor roommatse, but thankfully not here. The chair remains very comfortable to sit in for the most extended periods of time while helping to make sure you’re sitting properly.

The main ergonomic feature is the integrated lumbar support which is controlled by a dial on the side of the back rest. This dial effects the level of lumbar support given by the back rest and can be adjusted incrementally to ensure maximum comfort, and the product also comes with two pillows for your head and lower back too.

Noblechairs Hero Series

This level of customisation is felt across the rest of the chair, as the 4D armrests that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally (front to back, and side to side) to make sure your arms are supported properly when using the keyboard and mouse.

On top of being a highly functional chair it looks fantastic too. Available in a variety of colours, the minimal branding and sleek design make it a pleasure to look at.

The chair is supported by a sturdy steel frame with a nice thick layer of cold foam core for extra body support. The Hero is compliant with the DIN EN 1335 Office Chair Certification too for that extra piece of mind. The headrest contains memory foam allowing it to mould to the user’s unique sitting position.

The upholstery is available in several colours with both 1.7mm real top-grain leather or 1.5mm faux leather available, with the real leather obviously being substantially more expensive - more than £200 extra.

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