Nitro Concepts S300 full review

Sporting a design reminiscent of a racing car seat and available in both fabric and PU leather material, is the Nitro Concepts S300 enough to tempt you to spend your hard-earned cash?

Nitro Concepts S300: Price & availability

The Nitro Concepts S300 is a mid-range gaming chair which costs £229.99 from Overclockers UK. It offers a more premium build than Nitro Concepts’ £145 C80 with a wider seat height range, better recline angles and an all-round improved design.

And now there's a PU leather version, called the S300 EX which is the same except for the material used. It also comes in various colours and costs £239.99 from Overclockers UK.

Features & design

While many gaming chairs are made from leather (or PU leather), the S300 features fabric upholstery. The use of fabric gives it a different feel from other gaming chairs - exactly the same difference between fabric and leather in car seats - and once you get over the fact that it attracts cat hair like a magnet, it provides a soft, comfortable seating experience that’s much cosier than what’s offered by PU leather-clad chairs. Fabric feels much nicer on the skin too, and is a better option for those hot summer afternoons playing PUBG.

If that sounds terrible and you much prefer leather, opt for the S300 EX which uses PU leather.

Assembling the chair is a simple process that takes around 20 minutes in total.

It’s available in seven colour combinations: Stealth Black, Inferno Red, Radiant White, Horizon Orange, Galactic Blue, Atomic Green and Astral Yellow. While the coloured fabric is bright, vibrant and in your face, Nitro Concepts has also paid attention to the smaller details like the embroidery matching the strips on the chair legs. It’s all these little considerations that make the S300 shine.

Here's the S300 EX - admittedly it's tricky to see in a photo the difference between the pleather and fabric finishes.

Nitro Concepts S300 EX review

Beneath the upholstery you’ll find moulded cold foam, which is softer, more breathable and should be much more durable than the foam scraps used in budget gaming chairs from the likes of Amazon. The chair itself is modelled after bucket racing car seats, and provides more than enough support thanks to the ergonomic design.

Diving a little deeper into what’s on offer, the S300 offers 130mm of height adjustment along with 13cm of seat height adjustment, from 48-61cm. There’s also 14 degrees of rocking, allowing you to rock gently in the chair using your body weight.

It can also recline to 135 degrees, which isn’t as far back as other chairs go, but still provides a relatively easy way to have a quick nap during lengthy gaming sessions.

It also comes with two ergonomic support cushions for the neck and lumbar regions, but we found the chair to be much more comfortable without the latter present. As is the case with most gaming chairs, the lumbar pillow is much too thick in our opinion, causing discomfort in the lower back region (and we also noticed it’d slant to one side after brief periods). It’s easy to remove, though, and the neck pillow provides decent support during long gaming sessions.

It features 3D armrests that, as the name suggests, allows them to be moved in three directions – up and down, forwards and backwards and inwards and outwards. While it allows you to find the perfect position for your setup, the arms don’t lock into place.

This means that you’ll find the arm rests often sliding forwards/backwards with a bit of pressure from leaning. We’d have preferred a simple locking mechanism like that offered for vertical adjustments, but sadly it’s not the case.

But while the overall build quality is decent, the plastic parts like the arm rests and joint covers rattle a bit when knocked. It’s not a huge annoyance, but it’s somewhat surprising just how loose some of the components feel on a £200+ chair.

Oh, and beware of the Radiant White colour option as, being fabric, it’ll get dirty fairly quickly and it isn’t the easiest material to clean.

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