Mpow Petrel Bluetooth 4.0 Headphone full review

Mpow Bluetooth wireless headphones for runners

If you hate headphone cables flapping around your head while you’re out jogging or exercising then a set of lightweight in-ear Bluetooth headphones might be the answer to your running prayers.

We’ve tested a wide range of Bluetooth headphones, but only the Mpow Petrel Bluetooth Headset so far fit the needs of the frustrated runner. See also: Best Headphones 2015.

These lightweight (11.4g, 0.4 ounce) in-ear buds require no cable between them and your music player or phone, as they receive the music from the player via Bluetooth. To switch on Bluetooth you simply hold down one of the control buttons for a few seconds. There are Play, Pause and Stop controls integrated into the cord.

The buds are connected to each other by a cord, which you can adjust to your comfort.

Mpow Bluetooth wireless headphones adjustable

Special ear hooks – three different sizes are shipped with the headphones – ensure that the earbuds don’t fall out when you are exercising. These can seem a little uncomfortable at first but you get used to them after a short while. Make sure you try all three different sizes included in the box.

There are indoor and outdoor stabilizers for you to choose as the most comfortable one for your exercise time.

Mpow Bluetooth wireless headphones fitting

The instruction manual isn’t very helpful in showing you how to fit these. When I raised this with the company they promised to update the manual but for now all I can suggest is to look at the photos here and work it out for yourself! It’s not difficult but better instructions wouldn’t cost the company any more than the skimpy ones that ship with these headphones.

Eartips come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Audio quality is much higher than I expected for a £33 set of Bluetooth headphones, and the headphones use the AptX codec for “CD-quality” sound.

Mpow Bluetooth wireless headphones in-ear

You charge the headphones using the supplied Micro USB cable. Mpow claims a 5-hour battery life between charges. As they are so light and small this is an impressive feat.

The headphones include a 45-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty.

Mpow Bluetooth wireless headphones in-ear


Mpow Petrel Bluetooth 4.0 Headphone: Specs

  • Bluetooth Mode Headset/Handsfree/A2DP/AVRCP Bluetooth 4
  • 2.4GHz frequency range
  • up to 30 feet range
  • up to 5 hours talktime
  • up to 200 hours standby time
  • 2 hours charging time
  • 18-month guarantee

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