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  • StreamLocator Hub review

    streamlocator review

    Finally, VPNs have some competition for unblocking streaming services

    19 Nov 2020     ****/2

  • Sonic the Hedgehog review

    sonic review

    The latest game film spin-dashes its way into cinemas

    13 Feb 2020     ****/2

  • Birds of Prey review

    birds of prey review

    Harley Quinn takes flight in a Suicide Squad spin-off that's so much more

    05 Feb 2020     *****/2

  • Last Christmas review

    last christmas review

    This Christmas title doubles as a tribute to the late-great George Michael

    08 Nov 2019     ***

  • Doctor Sleep review

    doctor sleep review

    The companion film to The Shining is here

    30 Oct 2019     *****/2

  • Gemini Man review

    gemini man

    Iiiiinnn West Philadelphia, born and raised - fighting a clone of himself is where he spends most of his days

    11 Oct 2019     ***

  • IT Chapter Two review

    it chapter 2

    The sequel to the 2017 horror hit is here

    06 Sep 2019     ****

  • Spider-Man: Far From Home review

    spider man far from home flying suit

    Spidey's latest outing is at its best when it breaks from the MCU

    01 Jul 2019     ****/2

  • Detective Pikachu review

    detective pikachu neon

    Is Detective Pikachu the very best, like no film ever was?

    10 May 2019     ****

  • Pet Sematary review

    pet sematary

    Sometimes dead is better

    05 Apr 2019     ***

  • Shazam! review

    shazam review

    Zachary Levi finally gets his chance to shine in Shazam!'s seriously silly superheroics

    03 Apr 2019     ****

  • Us review

    us movie lupita nyongo

    Jordan Peele's latest is even better than Get Out

    20 Mar 2019     *****

  • Alita: Battle Angel review

    alita battle angel review

    Alita: Battle Angel adapts Yukito Kishiro's manga series for a Western audience – here's what we thought

    04 Feb 2019     ****/2

  • Glass review

    glass film

    The surprise sequel to Split and Unbreakable is as tonally uneven as James McAvoy's multiple personalities

    17 Jan 2019     ***/2

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse review

    spider man into the spider verse cityscape

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the best comic book movie of 2018

    14 Dec 2018     *****/2

  • Aquaman review

    aquaman review

    DC's latest superhero smash is big, bold, and bad

    11 Dec 2018     **

  • Bumblebee review

    bumblebee review

    The sixth Transformers movie is finally a bona fide great

    10 Dec 2018     ****

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout review

    mission impossible fallout

    Tom Cruise hurls himself out of an airplane and into the best Mission: Impossible film yet

    04 Dec 2018     *****

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp review

    ant man and the wasp giant man

    Ant-Man is back in a super-sequel that's bigger (and smaller, then bigger again) than ever before

    03 Dec 2018     ****

  • Incredibles 2 review

    incredibles 2 review

    14 years on, the Incredibles are back - but are they as much fun the second time around?

    19 Nov 2018     *****/2

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