Lavazza Deséa full review

Lavazza is one of the most recognisable names in coffee and the Italian firm has a new pod coffee machine for your kitchen or office. It's awfully quiet and has some clever tech so here's our Lavazza Deséa review.


At £199 there are cheaper pod coffee machines available but they're unlikely to have the same level of features and options at the Deséa.

It sits half way between the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Infinissima and Nespresso Expert and Milk. So you can spend more on a pod machine.

You can get it from John Lewis, but at the time of writing it's on offer for £169 if you buy direct from Lavazza. You'll also get a free Wimbledon mug.

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Design & Build

Lavazza has done a decent job with the Deséa design with a stylish look that combines both a retro and modern feel at the same time. We took a look at the white cream colour but you can also get it in black in and brown walnut depending on which will fit with your décor.

Rather than being wide like the Expert and Milk, the Deséa is very slim and deep. It's just 145mm wide so this may help it fit into your kitchen.

The cylindrical water tank sits at the bank and it easy enough to remove to refill it. The top is home to a huge metal handle that is used to open up the slot where capsules go. It's got a very satisfying weight and action to it.

Lavazza Deséa a mido mio

Up front is where the action happens of course, and things look a little complex when it comes to all the light up buttons. These are touch sensitive which might feel modern but can be a little fiddly to use, especially if your hands are a bit wet. We'll explain what they all do in the next section.

The last couple of design elements to talk about are the moveable plate/drip tray so you can limit how far the coffee falls if you're using a smaller mug. The used capsule draw sits behind this and you'll be alerted to it being full when the pod symbol lights up.

Features & Performance

The Deséa is a part of the A Modo Mio family so, like Nespresso, you're buying into this particular pod system. Price depends on what coffee you want and how many pods you buy in one go. They can work out at 19p each if you buy in bulk.

While some capsule coffee machines are super simple – put pod in and press a button – the Deséa is far more complex. This is one of the main reasons to buy it as not everyone likes the same coffee, of course. Even if you do, guests might not.

It's a slightly overwhelming machine at first, and we were still a little baffled even after reading the chunky instruction manual. However, you'll soon get the hang of it after a few brews.

The Deséa has two main sets of controls called the 'One Touch Barista interface'. The circle on the left is for the type of coffee so you can select from espresso, long espresso, long coffee and free pour. The opposite circle is for coffee with frothed milk. Here you choose from Cappuccino, large cappuccino, macchiato and hot/cold whipped milk.

Once your pod is in, you really just need to choose which of the types you want. Picking a milk option means putting the correct amount of milk in a glass first and the supplied glass jug has lines to indicate how much to use.

Lavazza Deséa pod coffee machine

A special lid goes on top and clips into the machine so the milk can be prepared with a combination of a beater and a steam wand. Lavazza says it uses a patented foaming method and we have to say it works extremely well providing a consistent result.

If you want to adjust thing you have the option to change the temperature of the coffee and you can also request more foam if you like too. These both give a single boost, so it's either standard or extra rather than a precise control.

It's also possible to program the size/length of the coffees if they're not quite to your taste by default. Note that this isn't possible for drinks including milk, though.

As well as consistently prepared coffees, we're really impressed with how quiet this machine is. The Deséa is by far the quietest machine we've tested. It's not fast at making a coffee but you won't disturb anyone in your house who's still asleep.


If you want a capsule coffee machine that does a lot more than just make one type of coffee then we can recommend the Lavazza Deséa.

It's not the cheapest around but does more of the work for you compared to the Nespresso Expert and Milk at a lower price.

The machine looks great and offers good build quality, too. It takes a while to get used to all the different controls and options but that's the nature of a machine that can do a lot of different drinks.

We're very impressed with the consistency of the drinks as well as how exceptionally quiet it is in operation.

Touch sensitive controls aren't always the best solution but that's about the only complaint we have about the Deséa.

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