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Jam Audio has been manufacturing audio devices for over 20 years, ranging from budget Bluetooth speakers right through to high-end Wi-Fi-enabled speakers. One of the more recent additions to the Jam Audio family is the Jam Double Down Bluetooth speaker, which provides users with a portable Bluetooth speaker on a budget. But how does the Double Down fare against similarly priced Bluetooth speakers? We’ve spent some time with the Jam Double Down, and here’s what we think. After something a little different? Take a look at our best budget Bluetooth speaker chart for more inspiration.

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Jam Double Down Bluetooth speaker review: Pricing and availability

The Jam Double Down Bluetooth speaker will set prospective buyers back £59.99 when bought from the Jam website, but we'd suggest looking into other retailers too. For example, while one speaker will set you back £59.99 from Jam, Currys PC World is offering the speaker for £49.99 with an additional Jam Double Down speaker free of charge. This allows you to pair the two speakers together, which we go into more detail about below, without having to fork out over £100 for two speakers. Amazon also offers the black Double Down for £49.99, but it doesn't offer the same 'Buy one get one free' offer as Currys PC World. 

Jam Double Down Bluetooth speaker review: Design and build quality

Jam’s Double Down Bluetooth speaker broadly resembles the shape of a bongo drum with a rounded body and flat top, which is where the single 4W speaker is housed. It’s mainly clad in a rubber-like material which should give it some extra grip when playing bassy tunes, as well as extra protection if/when it gets dropped – normal plastic would simply crack, where rubber is more durable. It’s also available in three colours – red, black or blue.

The Double Down is fairly robust, but is still portable enough to sit in the palm of your hand, measuring in at 88 x 89.5 x 89.5mm. It’s lightweight too, weighing in at 363g, making it an ideal travel companion as it can be left in a rucksack/bag and forgotten about until required.

The Jam Double Down features physical buttons on the front of the speaker to control audio playback, allowing users the option to control music via the speaker itself and not the source of the audio. We prefer the use of standard buttons opposed to touch-sensitive buttons that are becoming commonplace in Bluetooth speakers, as touch buttons can become unresponsive and unreliable.

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Jam Double Down Bluetooth speaker review: Features and connectivity

So, what makes the Jam Double Down stand out from the competition? The main draw for the Double Down is arguably the ability to pair the speaker with another Double Down, providing users with wireless stereo audio. Doubling up on speakers provides users with louder, stereo audio and is a handy setup for trips to the beach, small house parties, etc. although we couldn’t put this to the test for ourselves, as we only had one speaker.

Along with the ability to pair with another Double Down speaker, the speaker also boasts water resistance – although we’re not sure to what level. As ports and the speaker are fairly exposed, we imagine it’ll survive a splash of water from a swimming pool or a stint in light rain but nothing more.

In terms of connectivity, the Jam Double Down features Bluetooth 4.1 built-in along with a 3.5mm auxiliary input, allowing the speaker to be used with non-Bluetooth enabled devices (although we must admit that most media devices come with some kind of Bluetooth connectivity these days). It also features a built-in mic for hands-free calls, and will last an average of six hours per charge – but don’t worry, it requires a readily available micro-USB to charge.

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Jam Double Down Bluetooth speaker review: Audio

So, what is the Jam Double Down like in the Audio department? For a £59.99 speaker, it doesn’t sound bad. The Jam Double Down features a 4W speaker that provides punchy, rounded bass tones ideal for dance/Dubstep songs, although the bass levels did start to decrease as the volume levels rose.

However despite the slight drop in bass at high volume, it didn’t ruin the overall audio experience for us – if you continuously desire loud music, think about buying two and pairing them up. Despite the above-average levels of bass provided by the Double Down, it doesn’t drown out the mid-tones, although the vocals weren’t always as clear as we’d have liked. Essentially, it’s a decent all-round speaker and although it won’t be able to compete with more premium Bluetooth speakers, it’s great for its price range.

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Jam Double Down: Specs

  • 4W output
  • 88 x 89.5 x 89.5mm
  • 363g
  • Pair up for stereo audio
  • Water resistant
  • Six-hour battery life

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