Inateck MP1300 laptop case full review

Inateck MacBook Pro case review

There are way too many cases to choose from when looking for something to protect that shiny new MacBook Pro you just purchased. But most cases make the Apple device look ugly, bulky or both. If you want to keep thing simple, you’re better off getting something like the Inateck laptop MP-Series case. See alsoBest laptop bags of 2014: the 10 best laptop bags you can buy in the UK.

This 35 x 25cm cover is made from soft felt stitched together into a sleeve shape. It’s lightweight and fits snugly to protect your pricy investment. The case is designed for the MacBook pro 13 inch retina as well as a MacBbook Air 11 inch. However, the 11 inch Air would be quite loose in this case.

The size of the case means it's likely to fit most 13in laptops (not just MacBooks), as long as they aren't too chunky in terms of thickness. There is also a larger version for the 15in MacBook Pro (MP1500).

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Inateck MacBook Pro case review

The inside is lined with soft flannel which will protect the MacBook Pro from any scratches, should you keep things clean. The sleeve has a flap that is kept closed with the help of a Velcro strip. There is one slim large pocket on the inside suitable for a thin paper notebook or a few letters but nothing bulky. Two more small pockets on the back can be used to keep some business cards, a USB stick, or even a smartphone, however these are not secured so don't put anything too valuable in them.

The case also comes with a complementary small felt bag, which can be used for a power adapter or mouse. It contrastingly uses an elastic string instead of Velcro to stay closed.

Inateck says that the case is environmentally friendly and made from sustainable and renewable materials, which is always a good thing. The edges are quite thick which should somewhat protect a laptop if accidentally dropped – we luckily haven't done any unplanned drop tests.

Inateck MacBook Pro case review

We’ve had a few weeks to test out the Inateck MacBook pro 13in Retina case and we have to say that we like it a lot. Ours came in a grey colour with a leather accent on top of the Velcro strip, there are other designs to choose from including green felt.

It is very light so doesn’t add much extra weight to the MacBook Pro Retina which is already quite light. Although stitched together, it is well-made and we can’t see it falling apart any time soon.

Inateck MacBook Pro case review

Felt does tend to wear out rather quicker than other materials and although we're unsure how long the product will last, it's cheap enough that this isn't really an issue.

At 3mm thick, the material should be strong enough to last a while. We’ve been carrying it inside our backpack, taking it out every day, and we can already see small patches starting to wear a little, but this is the nature of the material. Also keep in mind that felt will pick up dirt and will stain easier - Inateck says that the case it dry clean only.

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