Gears 5 full review

No longer with the ‘of War’ part of the name, Gears 5 has been previewed at E3 2019 and we’ve taken a look at it’s new co-op multiplayer Escape mode.

Gears 5 will be released on 10 September on Xbox One and Windows. We tried it on console at the Xbox Preview event but, interestingly, playing in Windows will also support split-screen if you’re not playing over the internet. This is a feature normally left out on PC so it’s nice to see here.

Escape is a three-player co-op mode within Gears 5. There are just three characters to choose from, each with their own attributes, but more importantly ultimate moves. They’re called Mac, Lahni and Keegan and these dudes are hivebusters which means they’re on a suicide mission, being intentionally captured by the enemy Swarm and plant bombs. You’ll need to shoot your way out, followed by a cloud of poison.

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Gears 5 co-op

It’s pretty classic Gears style gameplay but what’s clear is that the co-op element is super important here. You can’t just go around like Rambo and all come out alive. You start with almost no ammo and there’s not much to pick up either. Picking up enemy weapons is crucial, as is deciding who will be able to collect ammo packs.

As mentioned, each of the three characters has a special ability - or ultimate much like the heroes in Overwatch. My character, Keegan, can put up a beacon to replenish ammo. Meanwhile, Mac has an invulnerable shield that lasts for a few seconds and Lahni gets an electrically charged knife.

Gears 5 screenshot

Since you can change the difficultly in terms of number of enemies, their variations, and their health, you really will need to work with your teammates to get escape.

We played on intermediate, got quite far, then stupidly got trapped in a room retrieving ammo. Better luck next time perhaps, but we like this take on a co-op mode that isn’t just a case of standing in one place taking on wave after wave of enemies.

Early Verdict

Fans of the Gears series will no doubt enjoy this new mode, although we’d like the option to play with more characters and players. What the rest of the game is like, we don’t know.

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