FlexiSpot ED2W Home Office Standing Desk full review

Using a standing desk has many benefits, including reducing back pain, depression and anxiety, lowering the risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, improving blood pressure, helping weight loss and even boosting productivity.

Sitting down most of the day is not good for you. It slows the metabolism, which stops the body regulating blood sugar and break down body fat. Moving around is best, but that’s not easy when you’re working a desk job. So standing up is a move in the right direction.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to stand up all day, but having a desk that can raise and lower itself gives you the option of getting out of your chair for an hour or two during the day when it suits you.

It might seem a little strange at first, and I wouldn’t recommend you throw away your chair altogether. But after a while, standing up and working feels quite normal and really does make you feel more active.

FlexiSpot Standing Desk frame construction

I tested the electric, height-adjustable ED2 Home Office Standing Desk from Flexispot, and found it easy to construct and simple to operate. Construction took around 30 minutes and shouldn’t confuse anyone who has built flat-pack furniture before.

The frame of the desk is incredibly heavy, so you might need some help if you need to pick it up to move. You adjust the desk’s height using a simple keypad control that is attached to the bottom of the desk’s front.

Move the desk quietly up or down using the simple arrows, and set three programmable memory heights. You can choose any height within the ED2’s range of 71-119cm. The frame has a lift speed of 3.2cm per second and can handle weights of up to 100kg on top.

Electric standing desk keypad

The desk is pretty stable when typing but I wouldn’t place any gadgets too close to the edge in case it gets knocked and takes a great tumble – but that’s true of any desk, raised or not.

There’s a built-in collision-warning feature that reverses the desk if it comes into close contact with an obstacle.

The one thing I’d like is the ability for the desk to go lower. On video calls, I have to sit on a special cushion to raise my head into a better view. A desk that went lower than normal - as well as higher – would give people more options in that regard.



The Flexispot ED2 Home Office Standing Desk costs £299 for the frame, available in white, grey or black.

You then can add the desktop from 120-180cm in width, and 60-80cm depth in white, black maple or mahogany (not real mahogany, of course), from £79. There are also options for a CPU holder and keyboard tray if you like.

You could add your own desktop surface, but you’d need to drill all the holes yourself to fit the frame’s screws.

There’s a cheaper version, the EN1, from £229 that has a lower weight capacity at 70kg, and slightly slower left speed (2.3cm/second) as it has just one motor compared to the ED2's two. It also lacks the ED2's collision-detection feature but allows for smaller desktops (100-160cm wide) if you're short on space.

The EC1 is even cheaper at £179 if basic features are enough for you.

The ED2 is not available in the US, but the similar EN1 and EC4 are. 

Exercise bike and standing desk

Standing at a desk doesn’t burn a whole lot more calories than your body would get through just sitting down. Getting away from the desk for a walk will burn nearly three times the calories, or why not try Flexispot’s companion under-standing-desk exercise bike; read our FlexiSpot Exercise Bike review.

An under-desk treadmill is another option to really burn the calories while working at a desk, but maybe not during a Zoom call...


The Flexispot ED2 Home Office Standing Desk is a solid, electric height-adjustable desk frame with a range of surface options. It’s easy to construct and operate, and your back might thank you for it if you push the chair away every now and again.

Its easy-to-use keypad includes three programmable height presets so you don't have to try and find the right height every time. And the desk even has a built-in collision-warning feature.

These nifty extras come at a price though and you'll need to factor in the cost of a desktop, too.

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