EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit full review

The EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit is somewhat misnamed for the average home user. It comprises either a four- or eight-channel X5C Network Video Recorder (NVR) streaming and storage device, with either four or eight wireless ezGuard 1080p C3W security cameras. The cameras connect wirelessly - either direct to a smartphone app, or through the X5C, but they need to be attached to the mains. That does require a wire, when all's said and done.

There is a fully wired, analogue version which costs around half the price of the ezWireless Kit. Which is not to denigrate this kit. Far from it. The EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit offers a level of customisation and a feature set that will be both useful and affordable for many small business premises. It's hard to think of too many homes that will be grand enough to support four cameras and a 1TB storage device hooked up to a monitor, but there may be some. For the rest of us, the cameras alone will do the trick. And they are simple to set up, discreet, and useful. It may be that home users will wish to purchase only cameras, however.

The 1080p cameras are all weatherproof (IP66), and feature motion detection and night vison. Each has a built-in strobe light and 100db alarm to help deter intruders, and an SD card slot for remote recording.

Importantly, they record sound (many CCTV kits don't) and as a bonus have built-in speakers so you can shout at those intruders and further deter them.

They also have dual antennae which should make wireless connectivity stable, and they can be controlled by the decent EZVIZ app. EZVIZ claims the cameras have up to 100m range, which is hard to test. We certainly found them to have sufficient range in both daytime and night time, around our home.

Where to buy EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit and value

You can buy the individual wireless ezGuard 1080p C3W cameras - also known as Husky Air (part number CS-CV310-A0-1B2WFR) - and the X5C-4 / X5C-8 recorders from multiple locations, including Amazon. But this kit is a little harder to find.

EZVIZ tells us that the EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit is available online and in store from Very.co.uk and Rymans for just £399.99 inc VAT, which is really good value considering the kit you get. Individual cameras retail for £99 each on Amazon, after all. Actually, at the time of writing Rymans was selling the kit online for only £319.99 inc VAT. We found the whole kit on a handful of other online stores, for prices that ranged from £350 to £600 inc VAT.

In the US, you can buy the individual cameras for $89.99 from Amazon, and the kit costs $419.99

As a package this is really good value. The only other cost you will incur is physical set up - there are no subscription fees or additional bits of kit to buy. And you won't need cloud storage. Compare this with the also good value EufyCam E and you are getting four 1080p cameras instead of two. If you need the whole kit, this is a really great deal.

See Best Security Cameras 2019 for alternative cameras and systems.

EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit set up and use

One reason to buy the whole kit is ease of setup. CCTV cameras often claim to be very simple to use and then, well, are not. But out of the box the EZVIZ cameras are pre-paired with the NVR - so you need only plug everything in for them all to work together. You do need to find somewhere for the NVR (pictured below) to live. And you'll need to attach it to a TV or display via HDMI to be able to view the action in real time, unless you just stick with the EZVIZ app and view footage on your phone or tablet.

Fortunately, unlike Yeskamo's similarly priced CCTV system the NVR will connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, so you don't need a physical cable to get that connection to the internet.

EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit review

That 1TB of storage means you can record a lot of footage. So if the name of the game is both to see a lot in real time, and to record what is happening either all the time or when motion is detected, this is a great kit to use. Despite compression footage is clear and detailed.

For full belt-and-braces testing we also decided to reset the cameras and set them up individually, as one would if one was purchasing a camera or two alone. This is also pretty straightforward: we couldn't get them on to our network using the smart wizard which uses audio to pair to the network (we've seen this with other EZVIZ cameras, and detest this unreliable connection method), but a manual connection was as easy as knowing our network details. From there we just had to pair the cameras with our account and view footage from the app.

Ezviz app

Indeed, the only complicated bit of installation is the physical install. If you are not an electrician, and you don't have plug points in the eves of your house, you will need to pay someone to do it. Worth factoring in.

EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit review

The EZVIZ app itself is simple to set up and use. You can view camera footage in real time, sound an alarm, activate the strobe light etc. And you can set up to store footage in the cloud - so it may be that for regular home users a couple of cameras alone does the trick. And there is an Alexa skill, which means you can control the cameras via your Echo or another Alexa-enabled device. Pretty neat.

Here's a couple of images captured from video clips via the app:

EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit review


We like the EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit on value for money grounds. Compare this against the market and - providing you can find it in stock - you are getting a lot of CCTV kit for your home or small business, for not a lot of money and with no ongoing costs.

Set up is easy and the equipment well built and specified - it records audio, and offers talk-back as well. You get 1TB storage on the NVR, visual quality is excellent, and the cameras are discreet and stylish. Home users may prefer simply to buy a single camera or two rather than going the whole hog with the full system, but those with larger homes or want to keep eyes on more outdoor areas will benefit from this full kit.


EZVIZ ezWireLess Kit: Specs

  • CS-CV310-A0-1B2WFR Camera
  • 1/2.7in Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.02 lux @(F2.0, AGC ON), 0 lux with IR
  • Self-adaptive shutter
  • [email protected] F2.2, Horizontal angle: 103° Diagonal angle: 118° [email protected] F2.0, Horizontal angle: 87° Diagonal angle: 104° [email protected] F2.0, Horizontal angle: 54° Diagonal angle: 62°
  • IR-cut filter with auto-switching
  • H.264
  • Max. Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Support Micro SD card (Max. 128G)
  • IEEE802.11 b/g/n
  • IP66
  • 150.44mm x 85.80mm x 71.64mm
  • 326g / X5C DVR
  • works with four or eight 1080p cameras
  • One Built-in SATA port
  • Supports 1TB to 6TB 3.5inch HDD
  • 235mm x 270mm x 44.5mm
  • <=900g

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