Energy Headphones BT2 Bluetooth full review

Energy Headphones BT2 Bluetooth

The Energy BT2 Bluetooth Headphones are a very affordable and good-looking set of closed, wireless headphones that fold up small to offer great portability.

Bluetooth headphones free you from tangling, troublesome cords and cables. Most cost the Earth but the Energy BT2 Bluetooth Headphones are priced at a very reasonable £35; see the end of this review for the latest, best prices.

We were impressed with the level of design in these headphones. They look and feel great (with comfy leather ear pads), and fold up into a coat-pocket sized form. At 155g they are light, although not as lightweight as our favourite (but much pricier) portable Bluetooth headphones, the Sennheiser MM 400-X.

You charge up the headphones using the supplied Micro USB cable, so no need to worry about expensive and bulky batteries. The 200mAh Li-On battery will last 10 hours between charges, depending on how loud you run them of course. Read: Best headphone reviews.

They feature a control talk function and built-in microphone so you can answer all your calls while listening to music.

Energy Headphones BT2 Bluetooth controls

And you can control your music with the Play, Pause, <<, >>, and Volume functions from the headphones without going through your phone or music player.

At just £34 the Energy Headphones BT2 headphones are about as cheap as you’ll get a decent set of Bluetooth headphones, and so there are some things you don’t get with these that you would with a more expensive set, such as the £180 Sennheiser MM 400-X portable Bluetooth headphones.

Audio quality isn’t as impressive, as there’s no apt-X audio codec that would push sound levels to “CD quality”.

We found audio quality to be a bit muddy, but is reasonable for headphones at this price. If you want top-quality audio and super portability then the Sennheisers deliver on both. But you have to pay more than £100 more!

You don’t get a cable, which might seem a strange comment in a Bluetooth headphone review, but having one is handy if the headphones run out of battery or you fancy a higher sound quality when you don’t mind being tethered by wires.

Energy Headphones BT2 Bluetooth portable

And you don’t get a carry bag or case, like you do with pricier sets, but the headphones fold up well.

But for £35 the Energy Headphones BT2 is an affordable, attractive set of  Bluetooth headphones that are nicely portable, and come with most of the functions you expect of a much more expensive set.

The Energy Headphones BT2 Bluetooth are available in either Cyan or Magenta – blue and pink to me and you.


Energy Headphones BT2 Bluetooth: Specs

  • Design: close. Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz. Impedance: 32 Ohm. Total Harmonic Distortion: <1%. SPL: 93 dB. Bluetooth Version: 4.0. Working range: 10m. Built-in microphone. Microphone Sensitivity:-38db ± 3db.

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