EC Technology Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard full review

EC Technology Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard review

For the ultimate in portability, EC Tech's Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard closes up into a tiny 146x17x93mm package for easy transportation, making working on your Android tabletWindows tabletiPad or even your phone on the go a cinch. Read our EC Technology Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard review. See all keyboard reviews.

Despite its compact travelling dimensions, unfolded the EC Tech is a reasonably sized keyboard, only a fraction smaller than full-size models that lack a numberpad. The keys are also sufficiently large and spaced far enough apart to allow for mostly error-free typing.

Thanks to an aluminium chassis it's also incredibly lightweight at just 184g. EC Tech's marketing shows it being popped into a pocket, although you might find a better home for this Bluetooth keyboard in your bag. Small magnets inside keep this bi-fold keyboard from flapping around during transport.

At 6.6mm its very thin, but the chunky hinges that cause it to stand proud of the desk make it seem larger than it is. The keyboard's top is a standard matt black, but the silver-painted plastic on the rear makes it appear a little toy-like. It's functionality that counts, of course.

Connecting the keyboard to your phone or tablet is easy, and you simply press Fn + C to turn on Bluetooth pairing. Once connected to your device you can use the arrow keys to navigate the home screen and Enter button to launch apps, while the Escape button doubles as a Home button and there's even a Back key. The only button we really missed was a Del key, although there is Backspace.

The row of number keys along the top also function as hotkeys, letting you search, select all, cut, copy and paste text, play, pause and skip music, and turn up or down the volume.

The EC Tech Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard doesn't have a power switch, automatically turning on as it unfolds. It will then remain powered on but enter sleep mode after 10- to 15 minutes of inactivity. Long-pressing any key will wake the keyboard, which EC Tech says can last up to 200 days on standby, and offer 80 hours of active use from its 800mAh battery (charged via Micro-USB).

There are a couple of drawbacks to this highly portable design, however. First, the hinges on which the keyboard folds stand proud when the device lies flat, meaning they can get in the way of typing. Similarly, the raised outer rim that protects the keys when closed can make pressing those at the extreme edges less comfortable than when using a standard keyboard.

Four small rubber strips on the underside keep this lightweight keyboard from slipping about on the desk - and you will want to use a desk, since the folding design makes this EC Tech keyboard feel less sturdy when used on your lap or anything other than a flat surface. But even on the desk it can rock slightly when pressing keys on the far left or -right of the keyboard.

Our final gripe with the EC Tech is its US keyboard layout. On its Amazon listing page EC Tech says its possible to type a £ sign by holding Shift and # in English (UK) mode, but this isn't repeated anywhere in the user guide - nor how you enter English (UK) mode. We found pressing Shift and # simply resulted in a # symbol, since that key's primary function is the number 3.

The EC Tech Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard works with all Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

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EC Technology Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard: Specs

  • US layout foldable Bluetooth keyboard
  • 800mAh battery, charges over Micro-USB and lasts up to 80 hours
  • 146.2x16.9x92.6mm (closed), 251.7x6.6x89.6mm (open)
  • 186g

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