EC Technology Backlit Keyboard full review

EC Technology Backlit Keyboard review: Multicoloured backlight lets you work in the dark on Android, iPad or Windows tablet

EC Technology's Backlit Keyboard is a useful tool for Android tablet-, iPad- and Windows tablet users who want to type long documents and emails on their mobile device. Having a physical keyboard on which to tap away is not only faster than using a phone- or tablet's virtual onscreen keyboard, but results in fewer mistakes. See all keyboard reviews. 

Usually, in any case. Our only real concern with this EC Tech Backlit Keyboard is its lack of rubber feet. Paired with a gripless rear it slides all over the desk and all too frequently you find yourself hitting the wrong key. Although EC Tech might have envisioned people using this keyboard on their lap, it seems a strange omission given its low expense. 

It's not the only thing this keyboard lacks either. Unlike many Bluetooth keyboards we've tried there are no hotkeys for select all, cut, copy and paste, although you do get brightness controls and a button to bring up an onscreen keyboard (none of which worked with our UMI Zero smartphone), plus those to control media playback, launch the browser and open a search function. We found it odder still, then, that holding down the Shift key and using the arrow buttons didn't allow us to select text. 

In other respects the EC Tech Backlit Keyboard is a great tool. Backlit keys let you work in the dark, and you get a choice of seven colours (the bright- and soft green, and soft blue and cyan look very similar, but turn up their brightness and you'll see they are in fact different). You can turn off these to save power when working in the daytime. 

In terms of battery life EC Tech claims its Backlit Keyboard with built-in 800mAh battery can offer 200 hours of usage. Its auto-sleep technology allows it to keep going in standby mode for up to 500 days, too. To wake the keyboard you simply long-press any key, and even if you momentarily take your device out of Bluetooth range it will automatically reconnect when you return. 

Ignoring the slippery design, typing on the EC Tech Backlit Keyboard is an enjoyable experience. The chiclet tiles are reasonably well spaced and their 'scissors kick' construction is very quiet for a cheap keyboard (the EC Tech is just 16 quid at Amazon).  

You should note that the Backlit Keyboard has a US keyboard layout, which presents a problem if you need to type a pound symbol (as we did in the paragraph above). According to the Amazon listing page, pressing Shift and # in English UK mode will bring up that pound sign. As with the EC Tech Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, we couldn't work out how to enter English UK mode and there was no mention of it in the user guide. So Shift + # simply results in #. 

You'll find most of the other keys you'd expect - Delete is missing but there is a Backspace, albeit a small one. Plus you'll find Apple-centric Command and Alt/Option keys, although this keyboard also supports Android and Windows. 

The design itself is pretty good, and this keyboard is only slightly smaller than a standard keyboard at 237x7x134mm, yet significantly lighter at 170g. This appears to have been achieved with the use of Zinc Alloy, although the parts you see are ABS plastic. We like the brushed finish to the keyboard's top, and along with the colourful backlit keys it helps the EC Tech stand out among its rivals.

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EC Technology Backlit Keyboard: Specs

  • Backlit Bluetooth keyboard
  • 800mAh battery, charges over Micro-USB
  • 237x134x7mm
  • 170g

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