EC Technology 6W Bluetooth Speaker full review

The choice of Bluetooth speakers is bewildering. While they used to be expensive, prices have crashed and there's a great selection for under £20 now. Here we review the latest from EC Technology, which also makes USB power banks.

Let’s face it, you won’t be amazed by EC Technology's speaker design. Well, some might like the small triangular openings on the mesh grille, but we think it looks a bit odd.

The main unit has a soft-touch texture. But the sides are made with hard plastic. This makes the speaker appear as a cheap and low quality product. However, it's anything but, as we’ll see.

It is compatible with almost all devices with Bluetooth. It works as hands-free kit for phone calls, thanks to the built-in microphone. When you have a phone call, the music will stop and you will be able to answer to the call using your speaker.

You can also bypass the Bluetooth audio by plugging the minijack cable included in the box.

And if you need a speaker that plays music all night long, EC Technology has solved that problem too. It has a battery that lasts for up to 15 hours, according to the manufacturer's claims. We certainly didn't run it out during our testing.

Along with the great sound quality, the long battery life is a pleasant surprise from this little audio monster.

It's small and light enough to be carried around. It is approximately 170mm long, 70mm wide and stands about 45mm tall. You can easily fit it in your handbag. The speaker is surprisingly light, especially compared to other portable speakers.

EC Technology 6W Bluetooth Speaker review

EC Technology 6W Bluetooth Speaker review: Sound Quality

Given the low price and design, we were not expecting great sound. But EC Technology surprised us. In our test we found that the music is clearly reproduced, even at maximum volume.

The 2x3W drivers in the speaker make it louder than many competitors, even at twice the price. It delivers nice highs and reasonable bass at all volumes and it sounds great with a variety of genres of music, from classic to rock and pop music. Bass is enhancedby a 'passive radiator' at the rear.

There's no real stereo separation, but that's to be expected from any speaker this small.


EC Technology 6W Bluetooth Speaker: Specs

  • Bluetooth Version 3.0
  • Distance up to 10 metres
  • Li-ion Battery 1500mA
  • Playback time 15 hours
  • Output 3W*2
  • Size: 170x70x45mm

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