EC Technology YN-025 22400mAh High Capacity Power Bank full review

EC Technology 22400mAh High Capacity Power Bank

Of all the power banks we've had in for review of late, this 22400mAh portable USB charger from EC Technology has the highest capacity. It can charge an iPhone 5s 10 times away from the mains. Read our EC Technology YN-025 22400mAh High Capacity Power Bank review to find out more. Also see: Best power banks 2018.

You might be wondering why, if an iPhone 5s battery is rated at 1570mAh, and this EC Technology power bank offers 22400mAh, you can charge your iPhone 5s 'only' 10 times. As with all portable USB chargers, some of the power is lost through the transfer of energy and in the heat generated. Most chargers will lose around 35 percent of their capacity; this EC Technology High Capacity Power Bank is more efficient and will lose only 30 percent. We'll do the maths for you: that leaves 15680mAh for charging your assorted USB-powered gadgets. 

Given that this power bank has dual-USB outputs - one rated at 2.1A and designed for but not exclusive to tablets, the other at 1A for smartphones - it's nice to see that EC Technology bundles two USB cables in the box. These come with interchangeable connectors for Apple's 30-pin dock, Micro- and Mini-USB, plus what looks like an old Nokia charger. If your device uses a proprietary connector - such as Apple's Lightning - you can still charge it, you'll just need to supply your own cable. Also see: 41 best smartphones

With such a large amount of portable power on offer, it's also pleasing to see the Micro-USB input rated at 2A. You can use any USB charger to top up the EC Technology Power Bank (one is not supplied), although charging will be faster using those with higher ratings, such as those sold with tablets. Using a 2A charger the power bank can be charged up in 14- to 15 hours, but it'll take 27- to 29 hours using a 1A USB charger. Our previous experience in charging up the Veho Pebble Smartstick+, which has a 0.5A input, means we know which option we prefer. 

Despite all that talk of energy loss through the heat generated, in simultaneously charging our iPad mini 2 and Samsung Galaxy S4 the EC Technology High Capacity Power Bank never got even warm to the touch. It's actually not a huge amount larger than the S4 either, although it's significantly heavier: at 449g this is a gadget you carry in your bag, not in your pocket. 

It's not as good-looking as the Lumsing 10400mAh Power Bank, but the EC Technology High Capacity Power Bank has a certain charm. Supplied to us in black with a red trim, the plastic chassis has rounded edges and corners, and feels pretty tough. It's also available in white, blue and white, and red and orange, and costs £35.99 from Amazon. That's twice the price of the Lumsing, but it offers more than double the portable power. 

Like that device it uses four LEDs to show you how much capacity remains. Given that each LED refers to a huge 5600mAh, you can't get an exact reading. Unlike the Lumsing, though, it also features a torch (double-press the tiny button on the side to turn it on). You never know, if you're taking the EC Technology High Capacity Power Bank on a camping trip it could come in useful for late-night trips to the shower block, or even just trying to find the MicroUSB connection on a flat phone or tablet. 

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EC Technology YN-025 22400mAh High Capacity Power Bank: Specs

  • 22400mAh portable USB charger
  • 1x 2.1A output
  • 1x 1A output
  • 2A MicroUSB input (fully charged in 14- to 15 hours)
  • torch
  • supplied with two USB cables with interchangeable connectors for MicroUSB, MiniUSB, Apple 30-pin dock and one random (possibly an old Nokia charger)
  • 1-year warranty
  • 160x79x22mm
  • 449g

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