EasyAcc 10,000mAh PowerBank (PB100000CF) full review

Not so long ago we were mightily impressed by the incredible-value iHarbot 10,000mAh power bank. This EasyAcc does everything the iHarbot does, but it does so faster and with a pound off the asking price. It's a fantastic power bank. Also see: Best power banks 2018.

The EasyAcc is easily one of the best-value power banks we've come across. At just £12.99 from Amazon, this power bank has enough capacity to charge an iPhone 6 3.5 times or a Samsung Galaxy S6 2.5 times (expect around 65- to 70 percent efficiency, with some lost through heat generated and voltage conversion), it has two 12W fast-charging USB outputs and a decent 10W that means it can be recharged in just six hours given a 10W plug, and it supports passthrough charging and auto-on/off to prevent power wastage. Also see: How to improve smartphone battery life.

Even the build, despite being plastic, is decent. The EasyAcc power bank is a black rectangular slab with rounded edges, with an orange trim and end caps. This design has been improved over the original EasyAcc 10,000mAh power bank, slimmed down from 240g to 226g and with faster outputs that now also feature smart technology. Also see: Best MiFi 2016.

In common with many other power banks on the market, smart technology allows the EasyAcc to cleverly recognise the device plugged into it and deliver the correct amount of power. This means that while the power bank's max output is only 12W (meaning it can support only one of its two outputs at full-speed at a time), you don't necessarily need both ports to run at 12W for optimum charging of your connected phone or tablet.

The EasyAcc feels adequately tough, and its slim design is sufficient that you could slip it into a jeans- or jacket pocket, and you'd hardly notice its presence in a bag. There's no carry case provided in the box, but we don't think you'll need one. Also see: Best desktop chargers 2015.

In common with many other power banks this second-generation EasyAcc now features an LED flashlight. A double-press of the power button on its side turns on or off this light, which will be handy when fumbling around for charging cables in the dark. A Micro-USB cable is supplied in the box.

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EasyAcc 10,000mAh PowerBank (PB100000CF): Specs

  • 10,000mAh power bank
  • 2x 12W (5V, 2.4A) USB outputs
  • 1x 10W (5V, 2A) Micro-USB input
  • LED flashlight
  • four-LED status system
  • passthrough charging
  • auto-on/off
  • no carry case
  • 144x75x14.8mm
  • 226g

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