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  • Smanos UFO smart security camera review

    smanos ufo wall

    It might look a little bit odd, but the Smanos UFO offers unique home security capabilities

    23 Jan 2017     ****/2

  • Nvidia Shield TV and GeForce Now review

    nvidia sheild review 07

    Powerful processor, native 4K resolution and game streaming make the Nvidia Shield hard to fault

    09 Jan 2017     ****

  • Logi Circle smart security camera review

    logi circle main

    The Circle boasts 1080p video, night vision and a two-way audio system - but that isn't even the most impressive feature.

    12 Dec 2016     ****

  • Amazon Fire TV 4K with Ultra HD review

    Amazon Fire TV review top

    We test out the second-generation Amazon Fire TV

    14 Nov 2016     ****

  • Tile Mate review

    tile mate review

    This reliable Bluetooth tracker will help you find lost keys, remotes and more

    09 Nov 2016     ****

  • iLife X5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner review

    ilife x5 2

    Take the hard work out of housework with this affordable robot vacuum and mop

    29 Aug 2016     ****

  • iHealth Wave swimming and activity tracker review

    ihealth wave swim tracler straps

    Swim monitor is part of general health-monitoring eco system

    26 Jul 2016     ****/2

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review: The best cheap fitness tracker money can buy

    xiaomi mi band 2 01

    Xiaomi's Mi Band 2 is the same excellent-value budget fitness tracker with a new OLED screen

    13 Jul 2016     *****/2

  • Jisiwei S+ Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot review

    jisiwei smart vacuum cleaning robot 1

    Robot vacuum cleaners are still regarded as pretty futuristic devices, and with an onboard camera this one is more so than most

    13 Jun 2016     ****

  • Honeywell Evohome review

    Honeywell EvoHome review main

    Control the temperature in each room with this smart heating system

    18 May 2016     ****

  • Hive Active Plug, motion sensor, door and window sensor review

    hive smart plug sensors review groupt

    We test out the Hive Active Plug, motion sensor and door/window sensor

    13 May 2016     ****/2

  • Dog & Bone Locksmart Mini Bluetooth padlock review

    locksmart mini main

    The Dog & Bone Locksmart Mini is a padlock for gadget lovers

    05 Apr 2016     ****

  • DJI Phantom 4 review

    dji phantom 4 review drone with tx

    With obstacle avoidance and intelligent tracking, the Phantom 4 is DJI’s best drone yet

    01 Apr 2016     *****/2

  • EE TV review

    EE TV box

    EE takes on YouView with multi-screen streaming and Replay features

    30 Mar 2016     ****

  • Elgato Eve Thermo review

    elgato eve thermo review three quarter

    There's no manual control or screen, but you can use your phone to control your radiators

    18 Mar 2016     ****/2

  • Tintag review

    tintag review

    Waterproof and rechargeable, Tintag tries to offer the best of all Bluetooth tracker features

    08 Mar 2016     ****/2

  • DJI Phantom 3 Standard review

    dji phantom 3 standard review angle

    For the money, the P3S is a real bargain: it shoots stabilised 2.7K video

    03 Mar 2016     ****

  • iHealth Wireless body Analysis Scale review

    ihealth analysis scale 800

    The iHealth Wireless body Analysis Scale measures more than your weight

    25 Feb 2016     ****/2

  • iHealth Air Wireless Pulse Oximeterand blood pressure reviews

    ihealth pulse oximeter 800

    Pulse oximeter lets you understand the oxygen levels in your blood, pulse and perfusion index

    24 Feb 2016     ****

  • Xiaomi iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Dock (Bluetooth) review

    ihealth 2

    High blood pressure can kill - keep tabs on your blood pressure using your phone or tablet using the Xiaomi iHealth smart monitor

    18 Feb 2016     *****/2

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