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  • Zigma Smart Aerio 300 Wi-Fi Air Purifier review

    zigma aerio 300 smart air purifier review

    Zigma's smart air purifier can filter clean air multiple times an hour, with UV-C and negative ions helping kill airborne bacteria

    12 Jan 2022     ****

  • Yeedi Vac Station review

    yeedi vac station

    The robot vacuum that empties itself

    15 Dec 2021     ****

  • Eufy RoboVac X8 Hybrid review

    eufy robovac x8 hybrid review 11

    Eufy's mid-range robot vacuum offers high-end features that make it a tempting buy

    23 Nov 2021     *****/2

  • Roborock S5 Max review

    roborock s5 max review

    Sitting in the sweet spot where quality meets price

    07 Oct 2021     *****/2

  • Dyson Micro review

    dyson micro review

    Dyson's lightest vac has limitations

    20 Sep 2021     ****/2

  • Dyson Omni-glide review

    dyson omni glide review

    It makes light work of cleaning

    20 Sep 2021     ****

  • Hisense HV651D60UK review

    hisense hv651d60uk integrated dishwasher review

    Eschewing smart features keeps the price down

    15 Sep 2021     *****/2

  • Neff N50 dishwasher (S875HKX20G) review

    neff n50 slimline integrated dishwasher front

    This Neff isn't naff

    08 Sep 2021     ****

  • Bissell PowerClean review

    bissell powerclean review main

    The PowerClean is an affordable alternative to hiring a carpet cleaner

    03 Sep 2021     ****

  • Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum review

    ultenic u10 review 1

    A budget price doesn't always mean budget performance

    28 Jun 2021     ****/2

  • Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo N8+ review

    ecovacs deebot ozmo n8 review

    A self-emptying robot cleaner for the ultimate in lazy cleaning

    24 Jun 2021     ****/2

  • Sømløs G1 robot lawnmower review

    somlos robot lawnmower side

    The Sømløs G1 can cut bigger gardens than other robot lawnmowers – but is it better than its rivals?

    09 Jun 2021     ****/2

  • Dyson V15 Detect review

    dyson v15 detect review laser

    Impressive cleaning power comes at a price

    20 May 2021     *****/2

  • Dyson Lightcycle Morph review

    dyson lightcycle morph review

    A smart, three-in-one light with a natural daylight setting

    04 May 2021     *****/2

  • Coral UV 2 sanitiser review

    coral uv2 sanitiser review

    The UV sanitiser with a HEPA filtration system and drying function

    15 Apr 2021     ****

  • Kikkerland UVC Phone Sanitiser review

    kikkerland uvc sanitiser 7

    UV sanitising on the go

    14 Apr 2021     ***

  • 360 S9 robot vacuum cleaner review

    360 s9 robot vac review

    The robot vacuum that can reverse

    26 Mar 2021     *****/2

  • Dyson V11 Outsize review

    dyson v11 outsize review

    The V11 cordless hulks up

    22 Mar 2021     *****/2

  • Belkin Boost Charge UV sanitiser & wireless charger review

    belkin sanitiser review new

    Belkin's phone sanitiser comes with wireless charging - and a couple of issues

    18 Mar 2021     ****/2

  • Proscenic M7 Pro robot vacuum cleaner review

    proscenic m7 pro review

    A powerful, well priced robot vacuum cleaner

    12 Mar 2021     *****/2

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