CHOEtech 60W 6-port Desktop USB Charger full review

Desktop chargers are useful when you have more mobile devices to charge than spare power outlets, and this CHOEtech is the fastest desktop charger we've seen. Read our CHOEtech 6-port Desktop USB Charger review. Also see: Best desktop chargers 2015.

With six USB outputs in total, two of which are compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, this CHOEtech Desktop Charger is seriously fast. It has a 60W total output, which is double that of many desktop chargers on the market, and means that with all six ports in use each can average a fast 10W output.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is an awesome technology for devices with which it is compatible. Our Samsung Galaxy S6, for example, can get a 40 percent charge in half an hour, so whereas other phones can take two- to three hours to juice up this one does it in just over an hour. Not all smartphones and tablets support the technology, but for those that do it offers up to a 75 percent reduction in charging time.

Even if your devices don't support Quick Charge, the CHOEtech's fast-charging ports can each offer up to 12W output. Smart technology can recognise your device type and automatically deliver the correct amount of power, too. Also see: How to improve smartphone battery life.

Leaving aside the sheer usefulness of this fast multi-USB charger, the CHOEtech is also a nice-looking device. It's compact, just 71.5x29x88.4mm and 158g, with a black plastic casing that has a smooth, rubbery soft-touch finish and rounded edges. The two Quick Charge ports are instantly recognisable by their blue- rather than black prongs.

The CHOEtech feels very well made and as though it has been built to last. A power lead (supplied in the box along with a Micro-USB cable) plugs into its rear and, at 1.5m, is long enough to be tucked away behind the desk and hidden out of sight.

The design isn't entirely without fault, however. With the device specifications and Qualcomm Quick Charge logo covering half of one of the two larger panels, you're probably going to want to lie this device flat on a desk to conceal it. We prefer to stand our desktop chargers upright to save space, but doing so would put this information on full view on the device's right side. Also see: Best power banks 2015.

There are also two CHOEtech logos on the top of the device, which is a bit OTT, and a large 'USB charger' legend imprinted on the rear, which is unnecessary.

The CHOEtech is available to buy from Amazon UK for £25.99. Other desktop chargers are cheaper, but can't come close to the CHOEtech's performance. A great buy.

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CHOEtech 60W 6-port Desktop USB Charger: Specs

  • 60W desktop USB charger
  • AC 100-240V input with 1.5m power lead
  • 2x (5V/9V/12V) 15W Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0-certified USB ports
  • 4x (5V/2.4A) 12W smart USB outputs
  • 71.5x29x88.4mm
  • 158g
  • 12-month warranty

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