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Budget Display Reviews

  • Acer KG241Q review

    acer kg241q 01

    The Full HD monitor is cheap, but not particularly cheerful

    18 Oct 2021     ***

  • Philips 242E1GAJ review

    philips 242e1gaj 01

    Affordable gaming monitor with a few performance wrinkles

    03 Jan 2021     ****

  • Philips 243B1 USB-C monitor review

    philips 243b1 review

    A USB-C monitor suited to any office

    06 Aug 2020     *****/2

  • Sungale 10.1in Cloud Frame review

    sungale cloud frame review

    Sungale 10.1in Cloud Frame Review

    27 Feb 2020     ***

  • BenQ BL2780T review

    benq bl2780t review

    A business or home office monitor that’s got some style and performance

    13 Aug 2019     ****

  • BenQ GL2580HM review

    benq gl2580hm review left

    A practical gaming screen built to play games fluidly without breaking the bank

    25 Sep 2017     ****

  • BenQ GW2406Z review

    benq gw2406z review

    BenQ's GW2406Z is a good-value 24in IPS monitor

    10 Mar 2017     ****

  • ViewSonic VX2776-SMHD review

    viewsonic vx2776 smhd front side image

    ViewSonic VX2776-SMHD review: a 27in full HD display

    12 Jul 2016     ****/2

  • Asus VN247H monitor review

    asus vn247h monitor review

    The affordable Asus VN247H monitor boasts small bezels, and fast a response time making it ideal for gamers

    23 Mar 2016     ****/2

  • Philips 246E7QDSW review

    philips 246e7qdsw monitor review mhl

    If you don't want to play games, this 24in PLS-based monitor might be what you're looking for

    04 Mar 2016     ****/2

  • AOC G2460VQ6 review

    aoc g2460vq6 monitor review gaming

    The AOC is a great choice if you have an AMD graphics card that supports FreeSync

    03 Mar 2016     ****

  • Acer Predator GN246HLBbid review

    acer predator gn246hlbbid front

    The Predator GN246HLBbid is a 144Hz gaming monitor, but has poor colour accuracy

    02 Mar 2016     ****/2

  • ViewSonic VX2457-mhd review

    viewsonic vx2457 mhd monitor review front

    A great 24in FreeSync monitor for under £140

    01 Mar 2016     ****

  • BenQ RL2460HT review

    benq rl2460ht monitor review dual

    The RL2460HT has a fast response time and accurate colours - what more could you want?

    01 Mar 2016     *****/2

  • ViewSonic VX2452mh review

    ViewSonic VX2452mh review 1

    23.6in display incorporating a fast TN-based panel

    04 Apr 2014     ****/2

  • Philips 234E5 review

    Philips 234E5 review

    Smart, frameless 23in display with a slim profile

    03 Apr 2014     ****

  • BenQ GL2450 review

    BenQ GL2450 review

    24-inch display that offers solid build-quality and excellent value for money

    02 Apr 2014     ****/2

  • AOC i2369Vm review

    AOC i2369Vm review 1

    Sleek and well built entry-level 23in display

    02 Apr 2014     *****/2

  • NEC MultiSync E243WMi review: a budget monitor with low running costs

    NEC E243 800

    The Multisync E243WMi from NEC offers much but suffers from its menu

    24 Mar 2014     ****

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