Braun Beard Trimmer BT3022 full review

Growing a beard looks like the easiest thing in the world, but aside from reaching the requisite degree of facial hairiness (itself a challenge for some), you also need to maintain the thing in a state of reasonable tidiness. There is a big market now for dedicated beard trimmers that aid in this quest.

We've been trying out one such device from Braun, and it's lightweight, smart-looking and seemingly good value - but does it do a good job of tackling the facial fuzz? Find out what we thought in our full review of the Braun BT3022 beard trimmer.

Price & availability

The BT3022 has a UK RRP of £29.99, but we've seen it as low as £19.79 on Amazon UK.

We've struggled to get hold of the BT3022 in the US, but you can get the similar (indeed, seemingly identical except for a variation in colour) BT3020 model instead; this costs $19.99 from Amazon US

Design & build quality

We really like the BT3022's design. It's lightweight and feels good in the hand, with a lightly textured matt grip and large 'on' button. It has a pleasing, simple look: a mixture of matt and gloss black with mid-grey and silver details.

It comes with a detachable comb/guard that slots easily on to the front of the device. This is plastic, but its teeth taper to just enough of an edge that it penetrates even quite thick beard growth without getting snagged.

A control dial moves the guard back and forth to suit the stubble length you want to achieve. This offers 19 length settings (1 to 10, with half-sizes in between); you could also use the trimmer without the guard for a 0, which we assume is why Braun quotes a figure of 20. The dial is satisfying to use, with nice firm clicks when you rotate it and a sharply textured rim which makes it easy to use with wet hands.

Braun Beard Trimmer BT3022 review: Design

Features & performance

The BT3022 gave a fast and accurate shave. The range of depth settings makes it reasonably easy to taper up from clean-shaven low down on the neck to a moderate growth just under the jawline, and the blades showed little inclination to clog up.

As is almost always the case when shaving, small hairs clung to the device when we tapped it on the edge of the sink, and then fell off happily as soon as we put it on a clean table. But it's easy to detach the guard for cleaning, and the blades themselves are far easier to clean than a rotary unit; a small brush is included in the package.

Note that because of its vibrating blade setup this is an accessory that suits those who have and wish to maintain an actual beard, or at least noticeable stubble. If you want a clean shave a rotary shaver will be far more convenient (it will be able to match the curves of your jaw much better) and a foil shaver or straight blade will give a closer finish. Read our roundup of the best electric shavers deals for advice on the various options.

Braun Beard Trimmer BT3022 review: Performance

The battery life did not appear to live up to the maker's claims of 40 minutes: left running, it started audibly slowing down around the 18-minute mark and gave up the ghost completely at 19 mins 48 seconds. At 5-10 minutes a time, you're probably looking at charging it up once every three or four grooming sessions, although this will depend on how much time you spend looking at yourself in the mirror.


The Braun Beard Trimmer BT3022 is an effective, lightweight shaver that makes it easy to sculpt a beard of multiple lengths, and that price is excellent for what you get. We worry a little about the battery performance, which didn't live up to its billing, but as long as you're able to leave it on charge overnight every few sessions you should be okay.

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