Beddit full review

Beddit is a smart sleep tracker that's designed to help you monitor your sleeping patterns, so you'll know whether you had a good night's sleep, and get tips about how you can improve your sleep quality.

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Connect it to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and every morning, you'll get a sleep score on the dedicated app, also available for Apple Watch. That score is based on seven different categories: Sleep amount, time to fall asleep, sleep efficiency, away from bed, awake, restless sleep and snoring. It'll measure your heart rate and respiration throughout the night, too.

The narrative that is supplied with the Beddit data is informative, but maybe a bit too much information for general use. We think Beddit is really aimed towards people concerned about sleeping disorders rather than just a general awareness of how they sleep. But of course, it's not a medical device, so anyone really concerned about their sleeping habits should consult a doctor rather than rely on Beddit.

For us, the Misfit Shine, which is made by the same company as Beddit, offers enough sleep tracking data to satisfy our curiosity, and that's in addition to the fitness tracking functionality that the Beddit doesn't have.

What's quite unusual is that the Beddit can tell you if you have snored. It might sound like something you don't want to know, but it's a great tool for those wanting to prove to their partner that they're being kept awake!

Beddit review: Design

Unlike other sleep monitors including Misfit Shine, Beddit isn't a wearable. Instead, you stick the super-thin, flexible strip beneath your bed sheet and sleep on it, so you shouldn't notice that it's there. The downside is that Beddit needs to be plugged in and turned on and off each time you use it, which was difficult for us because our plug socket is behind bedside table. What it needs is a switch on the power lead for convenience.

There's a strong adhesive strip that's used to stick the Beddit to the mattress, which means people who turn their mattress regularly will have to use their own double-sided tape to stick the Beddit back down which is a bit annoying. You'll need it to be strongly secured, too, because if you tend to move around in the night and the Beddit moves with you you're unlikely to get an accurate reading.

Plus, if you're sleeping in a double bed on your own and decide to roll over to the other side of the bed, the Beddit will no longer be tracking you because it's only the width of a single bed. Of course, that's a good thing if you are sharing your bed with someone else, as it means it'll only track you.

Beddit review: The app

Ultimately, though, it's difficult to tell how accurate Beddit is, too. It certainly offers different results to the Misfit Shine, which we wore at the same time for several nights. On one night, Beddit registered that we were awake for 44 minutes that we weren't aware of, whilst the Misfit suggested that we'd slept quite solidly.

That said, the Beddit app is easy to use, and has recently been updated to make it even simpler and clearer to understand. Overall, Beddit will be able to help you paint a picture of your sleeping habits that you could use to get some insight into what time you should aim to go to bed each night, and whether particular evening activities or foods are affecting how well you sleep, for example.

Plus, the app includes a smart alarm that can wake you up when you're in a light sleep to help reduce grogginess in the mornings.


Beddit: Specs

  • Compatible with iOS and Android USB power adapter Bluetooth Smart 75cm x 4cm Available in Black or White plastic

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