Awair 2nd Edition full review

Like the Foobot which we reviewed in September 2017, the Awair is an internet-connected air quality monitor.

Awair  says that indoor air can be five times more polluted due to everyday factors such as paint, furniture, carpet, air fresheners and toys. It also highlights the fact that air quality affects allergies, asthma, concentration, sleep health and overall health. So it's well worth knowing how 'clean' the air is in your home, office or wherever you spend your time indoors.

Awair 2: Price & availability

The Awair 2nd Edition costs £159 when bought directly from Awair's website (US$199 from Awair's US site), but it's also available from Amazon in the UK for £159.99.

The Foobot is a bit more expensive at £199.

Awair 2: Features & design

On first inspection, we were impressed with the build quality of the Awair 2nd Edition. The outer shell is crafted in walnut and perfectly frames the LED display.

The box measures five key air quality factors

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • CO2
  • chemicals
  • fine dust (PM2.5)

It presents results in graph form and as an overall score out of 100 on its LED display. The Awair app (available for iOS and Android) also colour codes the overall score, allowing you to assess the quality of air in your home or workplace at a glance on your phone wherever you are.

Green means good, amber is fair and red - well, you know the rest.

You can also see specific readings for each measurement on the app, such as temperature in Celcius or Fahrenheit, humidity percentage and the CO2 ppm score. The app also presents information for each factor using trend graphs that may be able to help you isolate why and when a reading changed.

Awair 2nd Edition review

The Awair is preset to measure general air quality but can be customised using the app to set a preference such as productivity, allergy, sleep or baby, each of which enable the Awair to focus on specific readings that influence them and give you the info you actually care about.

The app also has a Tips section that provides advice on how to improve the quality of the air it has been measuring such as fitting vents or using kitchen and bathroom extractors to reduce humidity.

Awair 2nd Edition review

In our tests, conducted over a good six weeks, the Awair told us that the air quality was 95 out of 100 with all measurements receiving a good score, other than humidity which was amber (at 51% humidity). The app gives you daily notifications (which you can disable) that update you on any changes such as CO2 or humidity levels rising or falling.

The Awair also integrates with a number of smart home devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Nest, allowing you to ask for an air quality update or to enable it to respond to a high CO2 reading by automatically turning on your fan.

Carbon Monoxide

One obvious thing the Awair does not monitor is CO. It's a shame about this, given the price, as it means it won't double as an alarm if there's ever a build up of this odourless, but deadly gas: you'll still need to buy a separate CO detector for around £20.


Awair 2nd Edition: Specs

  • Air-quality monitor
  • Measures: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Chemicals (TVOCs) and Fine Dust (PM2.5)
  • Dimensions: 160mm (w) x 90mm (h) x 50mm (d)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi connection: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4 GHz (single stream), Bluetooth 4.1

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