1More Triple-Driver BT headphones full review

1More produces a range of high-quality audio products, from gaming headsets to headphones and even wireless earbuds, and the firm’s Triple-Driver BT headphones look to continue that trend. Offering a blend of premium design and high-end audio performance at a cheaper price point than many of its rivals, the 1More Triple-Driver BT headphones could be amongst the best-value in-ears on the market right now.

Carry on reading our 1More Triple Driver BT headphones review to find out why we’re so impressed.

Pricing and availability

The 1More Triple-Driver BT headphones are available to buy right now from 1More alongside third-party retailers like Amazon in the UK and the US.

Those heading to Amazon will find the headphones at a discounted price - £99 in the UK and $80 in the US at the time of writing – which provides incredible value for money, especially when you consider the high-end audio quality on offer, although it is lacking in the smarts department compared to the competition in 2019.

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Premium design

The 1More triple-driver in-ear headphones offer the same premium design as most of the 1More collection, sporting a flexible neckbud design with connected earbuds.

It’s not quite as wire-free as the 1More Stylish True Wireless earbuds or Apple’s own AirPods, but it’s a good compromise for those that want high-quality audio and the convenience of a (mostly) wire-free experience. The best part is that you can simply take the earbuds out and drop them – they’ll hang around your chest, ready for use. Your AirPods can’t do that, can they?

The neckband itself is soft to the touch and impressively flexible – you can wrap or tangle it in any way you want without permanent damage to the overall shape, making it perfect to shove into a pocket or bag in situations where you shouldn’t be wearing headphones.

The high-end design philosophy applies to the earbuds themselves too, featuring an aluminium body with a blasted metal finish and diamond-cut bezels alongside an almost daunting number of silicone eartips to help you find the perfect fit and provide the best audio experience possible.

It’ll take you a little while to test and find the right combination for your ears, but it’s certainly worth taking the time when you first get your hands on the headphones.  

You’ll also find a suite of media controls, not in-line like with most neckbuds, but on the neckband itself. It’s a nice change, offering a cleaner overall look, and the tactile media control buttons are easy to locate and use. Even the USB-C charging port is hidden beneath a plate to give the headphones a tidier look than most of the competition.

It’s the little details, like the red strips on either side of the neckband and the CD-esque curving marks on the earbuds themselves, that elevates the overall design of the Triple-Driver headphones to match the premium audio experience on offer – but more on that later.

Our only complaint is that, unlike most of the competition, the 1More Triple-Driver in-ears lack the magnets required to secure itself around the neck when not in use. It’s admittedly a small feature, but it’s one that makes all the difference – especially compared to the likes of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless that automatically turn off when the earbuds are connected via magnet to improve battery life.

High-end performance

While the 1More Triple-Driver in-ears sport a premium design, it’s all about the audio quality - as the name suggests, the in-ears sport a high-end driver setup to provide a great-sounding audio experience over Bluetooth 4.2.

The sandwich driver structure is unique to 1More, sporting a metal composite diaphragm alongside dual PET layers and a dynamic driver, and while that might not mean much to you at home, what it means is that the sound produced is very good.

The headphones are tailored to iOS users, sporting AAC codec, providing stunning audio quality when used with an iPhone or iPad. The deep, punchy bass is immediately noticeable, but unlike with cheaper in-ears, it doesn’t affect the incredible clarity on offer in the mid-range and highs. It’s well balanced, crisp and immersive, ideal for a range of music styles.

There is LDAC support for Android, offering improved audio quality compared to standard Bluetooth transmission, but you won't find the popular Qualcomm aptX codec. 

The volume is there too; the headphones can produce noticeably loud audio when necessary without sacrifice to overall audio quality. There’s no tinny audio or harsh tones here.

While it doesn’t feature active noise cancellation, the Triple-Drivers feature decent passive noise reduction via the provided silicone tips – you’ve just got to make sure you’ve got the right size tips for your ears. It’s not enough to block out the sound in particularly noisy environments, like on the tube or on a plane, but you could always fork out for a pair of memory foam tips to improve the experience.

You’ll also find Environmental Noise Cancellation technology, which isn’t to be confused with Active Noise Cancellation. ENC is focused more on reducing environmental noise when using the built-in microphone array to chat on the phone, and while it does offer a level of reduction, the mic array is simply too far from the mouth to accurately pick up what you’re saying.

It’s fine for use in quiet environments, but we’ve had complaints from recipients who say that they can barely hear us when walking next to a congested road or busy train station.

The 1More Triple-Driver in-ears sport a seven-hour battery life, which isn’t that great compared to the likes of the Oppo Enco Q1 with 15-hour battery life, but fast charging makes all the difference. You can plug the headphones in via USB-C and get three hours’ worth of charge in only 10 minutes, which has saved me from music-less journeys on more than one occasion.


The 1More Triple-Driver BT in-ear headphones offer incredible value for money overall, offering a premium build and exceptional audio quality.

It sports a neckbud design with a robust neckband that can be bent and twisted without damaging the overall shape, and the earbuds themselves look premium with a brushed metal finish and diamond-cut bezels, but it’s the audio quality that really stands out.

The triple-driver setup of the earbuds offers booming bass that doesn’t muddy the crisp, clear mids and highs. The clarity on offer is noticeably better than most of the competition at the £130/$130 price point, and suits a variety of music styles. There’s also AAC support for iOS users, providing enhanced 16-bit/48KHz playback, although there’s no Qualcomm aptX support for Android users.


1More Triple-Driver BT headphones: Specs

  • 1hr charge time with Fast Charge tech
  • 7hr battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 42.5g
  • USB-C
  • ENC
  • Patented triple-driver structure
  • AAC support for iOS devices

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