Windows 10’s already great Your Phone app has been updated to allow you to control your phone’s audio output from your PC.

Announced via a blog post, Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager, Windows Insider Program said, “Now you can access and control the audio apps playing from your phone directly within the app, without needing to split your attention between devices or breaking your workflow. Your audio tracks will remain in sync between your phone and PC, and you can switch between multiple sources using the dropdown in the player.”

Microsoft said that apps it supports include Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Xiami Music, and Google Podcast.

While the Your Phone app is best optimised to work with Samsung devices, it’s compatible with any Android phone and means you can respond to messages and perform other tasks on your PC rather than having to keep picking up your phone.

The addition of audio controls is good because it means you’ll be able to control your music from your computer while still playing it off your phone. Audio title tracks will sync and switching between audio sources should be a really helpful feature.

All you need is a Windows 10 PC running the 2018 update or later, plus an Android phone running at least Android 7.0.